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posted 6/30/2010 by Sean Colleli
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One Page Platforms: 360 PS3
Can you talk about the various implements of terror we'll have at our disposal? Are we looking at the usual bat, chainsaw, and bladed weapons or will there be a few other more choice implements of death and destruction? Do you have a personal favorite?
David: Well the way we’ve set it up is that the more you use an item, the less points you earn until eventually you get nothing for using an item, so it’s to your advantage to change your tactics. There are over 70 different ways to interact with the environment, 250 different ways of being naughty, all over the island. They range from very obvious ones like a barbecue or vehicle you can sabotage, to much more complex like the various traps you can set anywhere. And every time you do something you get this duality, of being able to sabotage or destroy something that has its own payoff. But if you destroy something it’s gone forever, giving you a set amount of naughty points. However setting traps lets you predict how the AI will react.

Ash Pannell: Trapping a bear lets you scare or chill him too, or I could leave him there suffering for the other bears to experience, and then another one might try to free him from the trap and I could do the whole thing again on that new bear. The game’s not just about killing, it’s about getting a big score, so scaring bears has a kind of viral effect where the panic spreads throughout the rest of the bears. The most obvious approach isn’t always the one with the biggest payoff.

What kind of multiplayer action will we see in Naughty Bear? How many players and will it be online or local splitscreen? What was the hardest part of designing the multiplayer part of the game?
Ash: There’s going to be an announcement about the multiplayer coming up, but we are planning one. The multi modes were developed all along with the main game so they aren’t an add-on, but suffice it to say the multiplayer will bring a lot of the humor and madness from the single player straight into your multiplayer living room action.

We would like to thank David and Ash for taking the time to answer our questions

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