Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2


posted 11/30/2010 by Matt Mirkovich
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If there is any weakness to the title it's got to be the parts where this game feels like a slow grind to unlock content. If you want some better ninja weapons you'll have to go gather materials for it. I don't remember episodes where Naruto went digging through bushes for seeds and the like. You also unlock content through fights that give you 'storm points' which also just feel like an arbitrary bar that is being filled before you get something out of it. Some of these side quests are a little better than others though, like the hunt for dolls which will just be a basic fight, but sometimes it's what you need to break up the monotony of searching for stuff. This game goes on for quite a while and really it could have been shortened up quite a bit but not having some of this superfluous gameplay for the sake of content that could have just as easily been unlocked by progressing through the game.


Another niggling issue is the constant need to travel from place to place to proceed through the story, some of the treks feel unnecessarily long, but at the same time make the world feel like a much smaller place than it actually is since you'll be seeing the same locales quite a bit. In the grand scheme of things this is a real minor complaint, but when we're talking about artificially extending gameplay for the sake of play time, slow travels is certainly a thorn that should be avoided.

Having been a fan of the other Naruto games (developed by Ubisoft) I was a little bit skeptical of Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, feeling that The Broken Bond and Rise of a Ninja were better titles and handled exploration a bit better. But I'm glad to see that Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is just as capable an experience as any other title in the Naruto universe. It does a fantastic job of replicating the show inside and out. The fighting mechanics are solid, and the game looks hardly any different from watching the show. It's really impressive to see what Cyber Connect 2 has accomplished. Now if only someone could do this with the Bleach series, then I'll be really impressed. Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a must for any fan of the Naruto series, even the most skeptical anime fans out there could find something to love from the series with this game.

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A solid entry to the Naruto universe that even the most jaded anime fan can enjoy.

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