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posted 9/10/2004 by John Yan
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GamingNexus: What has the public reaction been to SLI since you’ve announced it? And how do you think the audience will react once they get their hands on the cards?

Steve Sims: The excitement around SLI has been awesome. People love SLI technology and recall the performance gains from 3dfx days. We have been showing SLI systems in action at select gaming events and people are really craving an NVIDIA SLI system.

GamingNexus: There’s been some large debate in the past years about ATI taking the crown in terms of being the king of video cards from you. How do you think SLI and the 6800 series positions you in terms of the race between you two?

Steve Sims: ATI is a strong competitor, but NVIDIA has always been the technology leader in the graphics industry. Whether you are talking about transform & lighting, programmable vertex shaders, programmable pixel shaders, or 128-bit floating point precision, every revolutionary 3D graphics innovation in the last 5 years has been introduced first on NVIDIA GPUs. We are driving the industry.

The Radeon x800 series is a nice spin of an old architecture, which means they do not have a lot of headroom left in the architecture like NVIDIA does with our brand new GeForce 6 architecture. We will get faster and faster with each driver revision. The reviews on the high-end show that the match-up is very close, but ATI is missing many key next-generation features like 64-bit blending/ texturing and DirectX 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 support. The GeForce 6800 GT is winning in reviews against the x800 Pro at $399, and ATI does not seem to have an answer for the GeForce 6800 at $299. We are really pleased with our GeForce 6 line-up.

Also I have not heard anything about a multi-GPU set-up from ATI.

GamingNexus: When will the cards capable of SLI be available in stores?

Steve Sims: Initial roll-out is targeted at System Builders. Retail versions of SLI-bundled graphics boards will be available later this Fall.

I'd like to thank Steve Sims for taking the time to answer our questions. If you would like to read about the Video Array system from Alienware, be sure to check out our interview with Brian Joyce.

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