NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti


posted 1/25/2011 by John Yan
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The first benchmark is the newly released 3D Mark 11. Futuremark’s newest synthetic benchmark takes a card through its paces and is geared towards DirectX 11 performance. There are six new benchmarks utilizing various DirectX 11 features as well as a whole other suite of CPU tests.

Now let’s get to the games. All the games were tested at a resolution of 1920x1080. Up first will be one of my favorites, Left 4 Dead 2. I recorded the end of Dark Carnival with my character being on God mode. Tests were run using the replay system of the game and three playbacks were done. What you see is the average of the three playbacks.

Just Cause 2 is up next and I’ve used the built in benchmark program here. Again, three iterations were done with the average shown below. I used the Concrete Jungle benchmark here where it does a flyby through a city area while adjusting the daylight that’s casted.

The Heaven Benchmark using Unigine is up next and this test known for its DirectX 11 visuals using tessellation. The benchmark was ran three times with the scores averaged out.

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