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posted 4/4/2007 by Matt Mirkovich
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Moving on to the PSP, we have two new entrants coming from NIS America, one Dragoneer’s Aria from their partnership with Hit Maker, and another, well one that we were all expecting, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.
Dragoneer’s Aria is a new title that is being co-developed by Hit Maker, the company that was responsible for last year’s Blade Dancer on PSP. Dragoneer’s Aria was also not available to try out, but from the explanation given at the event it looks very promising. First up, the game looks great. For a PSP title this game looks really good, which is a surprise because Blade Dancer itself was a good looking game, and Dragoneer’s Aria looks even better. Beyond that there are a number of promising features in the game, like the removal of random battles, or the ability to save anywhere. Looks like Hit Maker noticed that the PSP doesn’t quite have the juice that every handheld wishes it could have. Also something of interest is leveling up weapons alongside your characters. By combining “Dragon Orbs” with your weapons, you can level them up and gain more skills. Also, magic abilities are powered by the mana that is earned through battles. Magic can be used out on the field or in battle until all your mana is drained. The battle system itself holds a few interesting aspects as well with a new turn system that allows you to set up the order of character attacks as you see fit, and then on the defensive end, a rhythm game mold is used to allow you to augment the amount of damage to be received. Like Blade Dancer, Dragoneer’s Aria will also feature some Ad-Hoc wifi play that will allow the player to gain items by teaming up with other friends with copies of the game. Be on the lookout for Dragoneer’s Aria when it comes out this July.

Last up on the announcement block was Disgaea for PSP. For those who have not seen anything about Disgaea at this point in time go check the review I wrote back in 2003. Anyway, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is coming to the PSP. And because Sony won’t simply allow a PS2 port to show up on the PSP, they added a few extras that make this a must own title. First off, we have multiplayer, that’s right MULTIPLAYER in Disgaea. This is going to be a ton of fun, and I am eager to see how it plays out, however my biggest concern is how they intend to balance this out and prevent one player from being ridiculously over-leveled in comparison to their friends. But I have faith that it will turn out well. Not content to just add multiplayer NIS America has also included a new story line. Based around the evil overlord Prince Laharl’s matron Etna, the story follows what would have happened if she had actually killed Laharl during the game’s opening segments. I expect a lot more comedy on that side of the story and I hope it turns out well. Disgaea PSP does not have a solidified release date yet, but I expect it to be out by the end of summer. I assume this because the game is already translated and the only thing that needs to be re-written would be the Etna story.
So after the party was all said and done, announcements were made, people were pleased, and I was excited. I didn’t mind the twenty three dollars I paid in parking so much any more. Though I was disappointed that I could not speak more with various PR individuals and members of the NIS staff on hand. Be sure to check back here at Gaming Nexus where we hope to bring you preview coverage of all the above titles coming soon.

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