NFL Blitz 20-03 (PS2)


posted 10/25/2002 by John Yan
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On defense, your players will be slamming the opponents in a variety of ways. You won’t just get a simple tackle to the ground. You’ll see action not unlike the WWE but without the bad story lines and bad acting. Players will pick the ball carrier up and deliver a slam to the ground or he’ll swing the opposition around before giving them a big hard-hitting jack to the grass. Even after the play is dead you can still have some fun by delivering body splashes or leg drops to the person on the ground. It’s this violent action that makes Blitz one of the better stress relievers out there.

Blitz’s look hasn’t changed that much from the past years in my opinion. Most of the players have that perfect body builder look while some of the massive players are just huge rock like bodies on the field. The game excels in the animation department. Each of the post play celebration or defensive violence is done so well that Terrell Owens would be proud. There’s great satisfaction in having your offensive player point at the opposing team after a nice touchdown grab. The flexing of the defensive player after a nice tackle is also fun to watch. As with previous versions, the animations of NFL Blitz are top notch and give an exciting visual to the game.

With Midway sports, you know the computer will try and keep the game as close as possible until the final seconds. No matter how big of a lead at half time, the team that’s up will start to fumble the ball at the most inopportune time or that one corner will come up with a nearly impossible interception that turns the game around. That’s one of the good and bad things about games like Blitz. You know that you’ll usually be in it until the very end but it can be frustrating if you are outplaying the opposition only to see the lead dissipate in a blink of an eye. If you’re playing Blitz, you have to keep the mindset that it’s never over until it’s over even if it looks like it’s over before it’s over.

NFL Blitz is one of the best party games out there. Get a few people together, multi-tap this baby, and have a hell of a time. The Blitz series has always been about good arcade fun and this game does deliver in that area. Football purists should definitely stay far away as there’s nothing close to simulating a real game here. It doesn’t offer that much over last year’s version so those with last year’s game might want to hold off on this one. Also the load times on the PS2 is really slow, but it’s fine after the initial load. It’s still the only really good action football game out there and if you’re into that then Blitz is definitely for you.

The Blitz series continues with a few new additions and the same great action as before. It’s not much of a change from the previous year though. Great animation and high scoring games are what you’ll see here.

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