NFL Blitz 20-03 (PS2)


posted 10/25/2002 by John Yan
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NFL Blitz is another one of those action oriented Midway sports games akin to NBA Jam and NHL Hitz. Today I take a look at the 2003 version with Michael Strahan on the cover. It’s all about the action, celebration, and money plays.

NFL Blitz hasn’t changed much from what I remember. I’ve played a few versions off and on over the past years and they added little things here and there to try and spice the game up. You do get the expansion Houston Texans in the game so the roster of teams is complete. Create-a-player pops up here so you can insert yourself into the game if you wish.

If you never played NFL Blitz then the general synopsis is that there are eight people on either side rather than the normal eleven. A first down is made when you move the ball thirty yards. It sounds like a lot, but given the nature of NFL Blitz, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Over the top offense and defense is the name of the game here.

Because of the quick nature of the game, you don’t have much time to mull over what play to run. Until you play a few games of Blitz, you’ll just be scrambling at calling any play. There are a few running plays but NFL Blitz is not really known for that. Still it’s nice to see some in there that do work occasionally instead of having the QB scramble which is what accounted for 99% of my running plays in earlier versions.

You’ll witness numerous diving and one handed catches. Throwing into double and triple coverage is ok because you’ll come up with the ball most of the time. Passing will still be the bulk of your plays and isn’t the long pass into a diving receiver one of the better highlights on Sportscenter?
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