NBA Street Vol. 2


posted 5/26/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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NBA Jam, circa 1993, I was 11 when this game first came out, and I remember how many quarters I would waste on this game. There was just something genuinely entertaining about this game. Whether it be the “He’s on fire!” or the “The nail in the coffin!” there was always a good time to be had on the NBA Jam machine. In 2001 EA Sports Big released NBA Street, and much like NBA Jam there was nothing but fun to be had while playing it. Then there is the sequel, NBA Street Volume 2. Everything you loved about NBA Street is back with so much more it is frightening.

First off the rosters are as accurate as you are going to get, everyone from the 2002-03 season is in there, along with a huge assortment of old school players from the past like Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlain, or one of my favorite players, “Pistol” Pete Maravich. There are also a number of street legends waiting to be unlocked. But more on them in bit.

The core gameplay has remained the same as the first NBA Street, first to 21 wins and you must win by 2 points, no rules except for the 24 second clock. So pretty much anything goes. Gamebreakers are still present although this time they have been tweaked for a bit of balancing issues. First off there are now two levels of Gamebreakers. The first level of a Gamebreaker can still be blocked or flubbed if you shoot from too far out or your shooter has weak dunking stats. Now the level two Gamebreaker is truly the money shot. It is completely unblockable, a can’t miss sure-fire shot that will devistate your opponent. Level two Gamebreakers can be attained by storing a level one Gamebreaker, however your opponent can cancel the stored Gamebreaker by sacrificing one of their own.

The graphics have been improved over the last game, and the difference is pretty noticable, you’ve got new locations that look fantastic and the player details are top notch. There is also a ton of different character models out there, you’ll notice a good number of them while playing the Be a Legend mode as you work your way through the game, you can even customize your pre-made baller for Be a Legend mode, giving him throwback jerseys of old NBA legends, new shoes, different hair colors, all kinds of stuff. Also the crowds look much better and no longer have those pointed arms where their hands should be.

The trick system has also received a bit of revision. A good number of the moves from the last game have been preserved however there is a lot more that you can do now. There is the kick pass which is good for building up trick combos. Or there is a cool new move that lets you regain your dribble in case you’ve done a pump fake and want to move. It is called Off the Heezy, and you basically bounce the ball off the defenders head then you’re back on the move. Then there is another move called Back to Papa, this move can help you go a long way when it comes to combo points. You toss the ball off the back board to yourself, or if there happens to be someone going for an alley-oop then they will catch it and score a massive number of trick points.
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