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posted 3/2/2004 by John Yan
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Passes are quick and crisp and I found myself having some good open looks by good ball movement. I even ran some back cuts that resulted in a deuce and looked pretty sweet. The players respond well to passes and you can really work the ball around with ease. The computer does do some good passing around the court and more often then not, the ball will end up to a wide open player. The computer does seem to find them a lot more than normal though as you’ll be cursing at the screen wondering who left their man and playing Ricky Davis type defense.

On all difficulty settings, you won’t have too much trouble working your way inside either with passes or driving. Working your way inside by driving with your player works around 75% of the time, thereby becoming a majority of your offensive strategy. On the flip side, the computer doesn’t have too much trouble either driving by you. They’ll usually slide by you whereas most games would have your player stop the drive in similar situations. I think it should be a little easier to stop a player sliding by but that’s my preference. Even when in a defensive stance and fronting the ball carrier, the person can still get by pretty easily. You can press a button to try and take a charge and it does help deter the driving a little bit but it doesn’t draw the charge as much as ESPN NBA Basketball so you aren’t as hesitant to do it.

The roster in NBA Inside Drive 2004, initially, isn’t very up to date with a few of the major trades happening before the game was released not being representative. If you have Xbox Live, you can download an update roster set. If not, then you’re out of luck and have to play against Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker on the same team for example or take the time to update the rosters yourself.

Commentary by Kevin Calabro, Kenny Smith and Marques Johnson isn’t too bad but does get a little more repetitive than normal. The commentary does seem a little more realistic with interruptions of Calabro and apologizing for it when the action happens during someone talking. The three person team doesn’t do too bad of a job and I didn’t find myself annoyed at the commentating.

If you’re looking for an online NBA game, then NBA Inside Drive 2004 does provide the experience that is lacking in the EA title. What I do like about the service is that you can setup leagues and have it keep stats, making online leagues a lot simpler than trying to jerry-rig one yourself.

NBA Inside Drive 2004 isn’t the prettiest game and it does still have some features that are out of date but the gameplay isn’t too shabby. Graphics are subpar so it’s definitely not a game to show off your Xbox. Online play is a plus and works well with the Xbox Live infrastructure. I’ve been playing a few of the NBA offerings and NBA Inside Drive 2004 does have some good qualities to it to warrant a purchase if you’re looking for an NBA game.

A good offering and decent NBA game with some good options. NBA Inside Drive 2004 does some things well but there's still some areas that fall behind the competition.

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