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posted 10/28/2008 by John Yan
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How turnovers happen are pretty straight forward in basketball but not in NBA 09: The Life. While dribbling past the half court line, I decided to pass the ball to my shooting guard near the three point line of our basket. It seemed the game thought it was over and back when I passed and I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t until after multiple replays that I think I know what happened. My player was right at the half-court line and was in the animation of passing the ball. The ball was already passed mid court by a hair and the animation had the player doing a chest pass where he brought the ball back and threw it forward. The action of bring the ball back caused the over and back violation. I’ve never had it happen in any other game nor have I ever saw it called in all my years of watching basketball but it the event really boggled my mind at the time.

My favorite one though has to be when I was playing against the Charlotte Bobcats. Sean May had the ball up high and was being fronted by Cleveland Cavalier’s Daniel Gibson. The normal animation of Sean pivoting and trying to find the open man was taking place with Sean trying to create some room. All of a sudden, Sean stumbled a little, was falling to the ground, and used the ball to keep himself up. So the ball’s touching the ground with Sean May holding it and he stumbles a few steps forward. No traveling was called mind you. Then as he’s getting he steps on the half-court line but no over and back is called. I’ve never seen a player commit three-plus violations in one play and get away with it but it happened to me in only my second game.

The game also is inconsistent in calling when a player is out of bounds. I had one pass where it went to LeBron James who was on the far end of the court near the baseline. As he receives the pass, the animation causes his left foot to be on the line so he should have been called for out of bounds. Nothing happened as I stood there for a good three seconds. It wasn’t until I started to dribble did the referee call me for stepping out of bounds. I’ve also had a few shots hit the room and bounce on top of the backboard or one of the supports without having any whistle blow.  Sometimes when I pass the ball he will be called out when he steps out of bounds when he receives it and other times it goes unnoticed.


I know a lot of NBA players get away with four steps which I think is a travesty but NBA 09: The Life takes it to another level. I wonder if it’s the problem with how the game strings together animations because I’ve seen many players take five steps on the way to dunk or layup the ball. The most prominent one I saw as seeing Gerald Wallace on one side near the three point arc. He moves and doesn’t dribble but takes a whopping six steps before slamming it home. I replayed that one about a dozen times counting the steps and I’m sure even the worse referee in the NBA would have called that one.

Palming is another thing I’ve seen players do and another problem that I’m attributing to the engine handling of the animation. It’s not uncommon to see various players dribble and when changing direction palm the ball and move it unnaturally another way. Some are very blatant while others are more subtle but I’ve seen many players move their hand to the side over and then to the other side and then back again before taking one dribble.

You'd think having the ball go into the hoop would definitely count for points but not so. On a play where my center was going in for the dunk, the ball was partially blocked by Dirk Nowitski sticking his hand from under the hoop and through the net. The ball still falls through the hoop but for some reason Nowitski comes up with the rebound and the play runs the other way. Stopping the game, I watched the replay and see the ball indeed goes through the hoop and through the net which should be accounted for 2 points. Also, you can't stick your hand from underneath the net to block the ball so there's another violation that went without being called. No foul and two points missing, I shook my head in disbelief.

One of the simple rules in basketball is the three second rule whereby a defender cannot stand in the free throw lane for three seconds. To test this, I parked LeBron James down in that area completely underneath the basket. To my surprise, it took a good six seconds before the whistle blew. I was ready go give up and walk out thinking there wasn't one in place but the game looks like it gives you plenty of time to sit there and not be called.

So as you can see from above, there are many problems to the core of the game. It’s a run and gun type of basketball where it can be guard heavy as the post game’s pretty non-existent. One thing I do like is that if you do leave guys open they will make you pay by draining the jumper. Other than that, there’s just too many issues that crop up that take you out of the game and cause you to get frustrated with how it’s handled.
The announcing team of Kenny Smith and Kevin Calabro are OK as well. The flow though doesn’t seem as good as other games and it doesn’t sound as natural as other games. Kenny Smith seems a little wooden on some of his comments as well at times. Overall, I would consider the commentary to be average but not as annoying as some other games I’ve played.

There are the usual features such as Franchise mode, create a player and online play but if you don’t have the basic game correct the rest of the features don’t matter. Player graphics are OK and the models range from being decent to nowhere looking like the real person. Court recreations are done pretty well and as I touched on it earlier, the crowd looks pretty good. The game does play at 1080P so if you have a TV that supports that you’ll get a nice crisp clear picture and I didn’t experience any slowdowns when I was playing it that way. Like I said, I love San Diego Studio’s baseball games but their basketball games need a good deal more work and right now I would rate this as the D-League product among the options out there. NBA 09: The Inside has some fun and unique gameplay modes but the rest of the game falls apart in execution, much like the Memphis Grizzlies offense.

There are just too many problems with the basic game of basketball in NBA 09 to really recommend this above the other games out there. The Life is also a little short and disappointing. Gameplay has some hits but mostly misses.

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