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posted 3/19/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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One Page Platforms: PS2
My Street reminds me of a sequence from an old Simpsons episode. Marge is having a difficult time of motivating the kids to do the yard work so they decide to take a trip. What’s the big attraction at their destination? The yard work simulator, and to a lesser extent, the yard work simulator simulator. It’s very indicative of what Sony’s latest title is offering, virtual versions of games and activities that aren’t really special and in all honesty, are borderline mundane. The only thing that’s missing here is Virtual Pogs.

False starts aside, I had a renewed interest in the game after my copy of the game arrived in my mailbox. After all, this game is chocked full of potential and the fact that Mario Party 4 was far from stellar made this game seem more and more appealing by the minute. Toss in some online play and you have what appears to be a winning combination. But then again, you can’t read a book by its cover.

Seriously, how difficult is it to get three friends together and set up a game of marbles? Alright so the game adds its own twist on it but that doesn’t necessarily make it great. The wannabe Tetris, titled chemistry here, isn’t really all that fun and the volleyball aspect of this game makes DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball’s volleyball look like a work of art. The game’s only saving grace? The R/C cars and the lawnmower races which both play like a good old game of Off-Road from the NES days.

There’s dodge ball thrown in there too and (I kid you not) chicken herding, a game that essentially boils down to running all over the place and pushing buttons at random. None of the games are really exciting nor are they truly memorable. It’s in this respect that the game falls flat on its face, both in terms of appeal and execution. The online premise is great, but only if the games being played are fun. I was hoping for a sort of Mario Party concept but what I got was one of those cheap 7-in-1 games that you see advertised on the Home Shopping Network.
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