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posted 1/16/2003 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Booting up Moto Racer Advance brought up flashbacks of Pro Rally, another Ubi Soft produced racer that failed to grasp my attention. The menus were eerily reminiscent and the locking of some of the core gameplay modes was all too familiar, but unlike Pro Rally Moto Racer Advance actually manages to be entertaining and in that respect, provides one hell of a handheld rush.

There are three racing modes available, dirt, street and traffic. Dirt curtails exactly what its name would imply, racing around dirt tracks with (you guessed it) dirt bikes, street is where you race on those high performance bikes and traffic is a race through streets that happen to be populated by (that’s right) traffic. So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what this game is all about and in many respects, that’s the beauty of the game. It’s the perfect pickup for the gamer on the go that’s looking for a quick hit of gaming goodness.

Why is this game so much fun? Simple, because it does something that many other GBA racing titles have failed to do. It gives the gamer an accurate sense of speed, a feat not easily accomplished on the GBA. Games like Advance GT had a hard time reproducing breakneck speeds on the GBA as often times it felt like you were going a leisurely 40 mph as opposed to a brisk 150mph. In Moto Racer Advance you’ll feel the difference between 50mph and 180mph, and since the name of the game is speed (not literally of course) it makes the game all that more entertaining.

You’ll need some tight controls to keep up with the game’s breakneck pace; thankfully this game has those too. Your controls are limited to the usual, you know, accelerating, braking, steering and the turbo boost. In order to gain an advantage on the competition you’ll be able to utilize a turbo boost. Pressing the R button will cause your biker to perform a wheelie and then its turbo city. Now I’m not exactly the authority on motorbikes, but I found this to be a bit odd. I’ll make sure to make a note of it just in case I’m wrong though, I wouldn’t want to look like a buffoon in front of those rad bikers.
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