Monster Rancher Advance 2


posted 12/15/2002 by Ben Zackheim
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Have you ever watched a nation-wide craze go through the ceiling and had no idea what all the enthusiasm was about? Growing up, I remember finding those special trends that would baffle my parents. I took great pleasure in the dull look on their faces when I showed off the latest videogame, or gadget. Hehheh. Stoopid parents. So when Pokemon came around I tried really hard to understand. I didn’t want to be the dim-witted adult who couldn’t grasp the obvious. Well, no matter how hard I tried, it just didn’t happen.

I tried playing it; I even watched the sickeningly bad show that I’ll always blame for the demise of Saturday morning cartoons. But there’s no doubt about it, if I’d glanced in the mirror I would have looked just like my parents.

But, wait, I may have found just the game I’ve been looking for! Monster Rancher Advance 2 is a trimmed down Pokemon with a monster edge. Sure, you get the cute little fuzzies (and some not so cute big fuzzies) but a lot of the guesswork and minute training details have been taken off your shoulders. It’s like a virtual pet who has to earn his room and board!
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