Moment of Silence


posted 3/24/2005 by Tyler Sager
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One Page Platforms: PC
The game looks good, and each of the pre-rendered screens is full of detail. As with any adventure game, this can be both a blessing and a curse. Busy backgrounds make for annoying pixel-hunting exercises, and The Moment of Silence has its share. Aside from that, however, the backgrounds do a great job setting the style of futuristic New York and other locations. The characters themselves are a bit clunky, and I had a few problems with Peter’s character getting caught on scenery, which once led to a necessary reload when he became irrevocably stuck. Camera angles are also a pain here, and finding the exit point to a particular screen is often a chore. The camera angle will often change several times as Peter moves across a single room, causing a bit of disorientation. Since much of the game is spent running back and forth, I quickly grew tired of clicking 4 times though each of 5 different screens simply to move across town. The cutscenes and voice acting are well done, for the most part. Although the dialogue itself was a bit rough in translation, most of the actors did a decent job with it.

Overall, The Moment of Silence is a good story wrapped in not-so-good gameplay. Nothing here is terrible, though, and I felt compelled to play through just to see where the story was going. The writing does get a bit heavy-handed in its message at times, and the Orwellian warnings are more blatant than I care for, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. While I won’t recommend it for anyone who isn’t an adventure fan, the story alone makes The Moment of Silence a fairly entertaining excursion into the genre.

A compelling conspiracy-theory story wrapped in a mediocre adventure game. Play this one for the plot.

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