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posted 2/24/2011 by Jeremy Duff
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 A few years back, when the iPhone’s gaming market was starting to become a true contender in the gaming world, Gameloft took everyone by surprise with an incredibly solid FPS called Modern Combat: Sandstorm. Few people thought that anyone would be able to faithfully bring the FPS experience to the iOs device(s), let alone a company who specialized purely in mobile games. If anyone was going to be the first to do it, surely it would be one of the industry’s powerhouse companies such as Activision or EA. Sure enough, Gameloft’s Modern Combat became the first quality FPS on a mobile device and set the standard for many games that would follow including NOVA and a port of Call of Duty: Zombies. Now, almost two years later, Gameloft is hoping that they can bring that same magic to home consoles as well with Modern Combat: Domination for the PlayStation Network.

In making the shift to home consoles, Gameloft knows that they have to do something special in order to get noticed in what is arguably the most over-crowded genre in gaming. The x-factor / selling point for Domination is undoubtedly it’s price; with a price point set at only $7.99, well below most of the competition, Domination looks to catch the market of gamers looking for a cheap thrill on the PlayStation Network. That much is easy to see just by looking at the title’s product listing; what you may not know is that for a measly eight bucks, you are getting an incredibly solid package with more content and quality than it has any right to have for that price.

For those readers that like to quantify things, let’s address exactly what you get for $7.99. Modern Combat features six different gametypes that are all playable across five different maps. Yes, the numbers themselves sound unimpressive but the quality of those included maps and games combined with the discount price provide a great value. In terms of gametypes, you will have your choice of deathmatch, team deathmatch, Domination, Boom and Bust, Escort, and Extraction. The deathmatch variations are exactly what you would expect. The rest of the games are all team-based variations that involve capturing and controlling various points on the map (Domination), planting and diffusing bombs (Boom and Bust), protecting a designated team member (Escort), and a variation on capture the flag (Extraction). Whatever your taste, there is a mode included to satisfy your appetite. Although there are only five maps included in the game they are all designed to work well with all of the included game types. There is no doubt that they all do their job in the context of the game, but there are some complaints to be had, but we will touch on that later.

There aren’t any surprises in store for anyone who jumps into Modern Combat, “it is what it is" and it doesn’t try to hide that fact. The game is modeled heavily off of Activision’s Modern Warfare series in both design and execution; even though it visually mimics the Modern Warfare games it blends in a lot of elements from the Counter Strike games as well. All of the gametypes require more than just running and gunning down your opponents; Domination requires a bit of strategy and money management throughout the experience in order to succeed. Each time a player spawns in a match, they are given $2,400 to spend equipping their character for the pending battle. There are five categories of items that you can purchase and equip in categories such as primary weapon, sidearm, lethal grenade(s), tactical grenade(s), and armor. The only item that is provided to you is a basic, though effective, handgun; you will have to spend your money on other items if you want to arm yourself as a true war machine. As you kill opponents and perform different objectives within the match, you will earn additional cash that goes toward your account. You will have to earn back any money that you have spent at the start of a round before you see the effects of your performance and start off with more than the base $2,400. You will never start a round with less than that base amount so if you want to really gear up and take control of a match; you will have to earn the funds to do so by getting you starting balance well above those stock funds.
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