Minority Report: Everybody Runs (Xbox)


posted 1/3/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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Secrets, bonuses, extra content, all are abound in this game. Playing through the game you will find many many secrets, although they really aren’t very secretive. Most stages just have a power-up that is just slightly out of the way, like around a corner or something and will be called a secret, othertimes you have to risk life and limb to get them, one stage that is particularly offensive is the Steriflux Backwash level where a secret is hidden in such a bad spot that it will require dying many times just to attempt to grab.

During the game Pain Arenas will also be unlocked, one for each of the agents who are chasing you in the game; Danny Whitwer, Ken Nara, Ben Mosely, and then one for Nikki Jameson. The names of these arenas are to be taken to a literal extreme, for in them you are given no weapons, and you must fight hand to hand. This would be great if the enemies weren’t all able to dodge every single move you make. And upon completing the game at various difficulties you are awarded with new character models for John.

Minority Report has it’s brief moments where the game actually feels enjoyable, like when tossing Pre-Crime officers off buildings. But other than that the game is nothing more than a game that ties in with it’s movie counter-part release. Which is actually quite sad because this game could have been quite good. But instead we are given a game that follows closely in the foot steps of Spiderman and trips up and fumbles out the door. If you want a movie based game, then Spiderman is a much better choice to go with. But if you already have Spiderman and liked it then give Minority Report a shot. You may find more of what you liked about Spiderman in this game.

It really goes without saying that when a game is made that is based off a movie the results are going to be sub-par. Sure you watch the introduction you see people being juggled with a Concussion Rifle and the idea that this game could be fun comes to mind. The moment the game starts it all goes down hill from there.

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