Minority Report: Everybody Runs (Xbox)


posted 1/3/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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And what a good idea it would have been to put some chase music in this game. Instead you're given what I like to call Future Rock, in other words some generic rock track that the sound producer made when he woke up in the morning, although there are some decent tunes in the game courtesy of Apex Theory. However I must give credit to the sound team for making me laugh for hours on end. See while in the game, should you happen to toss an unsespecting Pre-Crime officer over the edge of a building more often than not you will hear a comical, "OH NO I'M FAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLIIIIING!!!" As if it wasn't obvious enough seeing as how they were just thrown off a building, but that line alone had me in stitches for at least a good hour. Hell I died and played through the stage multiple times just so I could hear them. This coupled with the fact that the voice syncing is just downright awful made for even more laughs.

Thankfully the graphics are better than the sound although not by much. The character models at times are downright ugly, with little variation. There are basically two types of basic cops, fat and skinny, and then there are Pre-Crime officers who add a little organization to the units, each person is has a color band on their arms to represent which unit they are; blue is the standard thug equivalent, the green units carry a melee weapon of sorts, usually a puke wand or a bat, the red units carry the artillery and when they start toting shotguns watch out, and then there are the yellow units who run away from John like the plague and toss annoying spider drones that will slow you down or blow you up if you're not careful. Enemy AI is actually quite decent and at other times downright unfair. There will be times where you can’t even hit your opponent because of their dodge animation, which is quite annoying when you’re shooting a shotgun right in their face and just because they are in this dodge animation they escape unscathed.

Treyarch tried to do something interesting with all character models, they all suffer from rag-doll syndrome, which boils down to flying like a doll with no articulation when you get knocked around. Which at times is also quite comical because of the position some people can land in. Level textures are futuristic, clean, and bland where as the design themselves leaves something to be desired, not to mention short. The game may have 40 levels but some of them can you can breeze through in five minutes or less.
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