Minority Report: Everybody Runs (Xbox)


posted 1/3/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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The game roughly, and I do mean roughly follows the story told by Spielberg's long awaited Minority Report. John Anderton? Check. Movie license? Check. Tom Cruise based character? Sadly not applicable. Instead John Anderton becomes a 30-something white haired male with nothing distinguishing... just... plain. Cut to the story, which is so poorly developed you would think this game decided to include the Minority Report license as an afterthought. The Pre-cogs are given no back story, same goes for the whole Pre-Crime operation. Even the devious bad guy and girl of the game are given nothing. Yet the events that unfold after Anderton is identified as a murderer seem to be pulled straight from the movie... sort of. After a certain point it would branch off again to it’s own new story.

After becoming the target of the Pre-Crime units the game turns toward the whole "Everybody Runs" idea that this game tries to convey. Although in this game they should have subtitled it either "Everybody Slides," or "Everybody Throws." Once you get into game it becomes painfully obvious what I am talking about. While running from Pre-Crime units your most useful technique is the slide technique which will floor just about any human unit. And while they fall you're off and running. Or you can take the alternate approach, get up to a second level of an area if there is one, stun a guard and then toss him over the edge and BOOM! Instant death for your would be chasers. Which also leads to a troubling thought. If John is trying to prove his innocence then why would he kill those he worked with for a time? Oops no time to think about that, back to running from the man, but not without a good sucker punch every now and again for good measure.

The fighting system is managable but at times feels very unresponsive, it consists mostly of punches and kicks that you string together to form combos and you can charge the last hit for that extra bit of damage. Only problem is that the combos are usually three moves long leading to some repititiveness. However there are a good amount of upgradable and purchasable moves. Which leads to the "Black Market." During any moment of the game you can pause and go to an option that will allow you to buy power ups. Temporary Invinciblity, Strength Boosts, HP Boosts, weapons, all the stuff necessary to prolong John's escape from the man. But why make it so accessible? It would have been better to be able to purchase the power ups before a stage as opposed to being able to pull them out of thin air whenever necessary, a sub-item screen would have been very useful in this case, and more appropriate.
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