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posted 5/11/2011 by Matt Mirkovich
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This style of gameplay gets a bit trickier when you take the game online. Especially in two player battles where you and a friend control a field of warriors who are color-coded to designate their owner. Each player can only move their own units, but essential tactics like free unit swapping make manipulating the board easy. The tricky part is dealing with the random number generator responsible for the units the game calls in for reinforcements. Seriously I have never seen a game be more punishing than Clash of Heroes. I'll play with friends, and our opponents will have three to four elite units with the immediate means to activate them, meanwhile I've received nothing until it was far too late to protect myself. Couple this with a few broken characters and the frustration factor of online gameplay quickly rises, and it's a shame that what is one of the most fun modes in the game is also the biggest blemish. But when you can survive these odds and mount an epic comeback there is nothing more satisfying, unless your opponent decides to drop from the game before the final blow is dealt. Thankfully the game will report on the number of disconnects you have, so there's no hiding from the shame. I am actually hoping that at some point there might be a patch to address the issue of balance, because right now I am sitting on an unimpressive record with defeats coming pretty much all from Heresh users who pick a special ability that allows them to instantly charge their champion and elite units, and when lined up properly can do over two hundred damage in one turn. Of course this might all sound like pointless whining to someone who's never had a difficult battle, but hey, this is how my experience has gone, and it's one thing to lose because of a lack of skill, it's another to be constantly done in by dumb luck, even worse when you consider you spent nearly two hours in battle and a bad draw is what finished you off.

Clash of Heroes sports some of the best looking sprite work and animation I've seen in a long time. We're talking close to Odin Sphere and Vanillaware quality here, and Capybara Games I commend your efforts. The graphical presentation for dialog portions are a little bit boring with just static character images on screen in a typical JRPG style, but when you're wandering around the world is colorful, but feels a bit devoid of life, there are plenty of places to explore but not a whole lot of people running around. But there are some nice visual touches here and there, like stepping in to a bar in Sheogh and seeing two demons engaged in a nice bout of fisticuffs. The battles are where a lot of the best work lies, like the idle animations for units, especially the zombies is quite impressive. The audio work is a bit on the weak side with a fairly minimalistic soundtrack that is quite honestly forgettable, and I think that's more because I simply don't take notice of it while trying to focus on the units I need to be moving around. What is there is good, but it just feels like a typical fare and it gets lost when you're in the heat of battle.

If you're looking for a puzzler that will replace something like Puzzle Quest then I think Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is one of the best options out there. It's a ton of fun, even with the balance issues, and offers a great deal of value at fifteen dollars. Capybara Games did a fantastic job in getting me to realize the mistake I made when I passed up the DS game back when it was released in 2009. If you're in the market for a puzzle game, then Clash of Heroes comes highly recommended, just do me a favor and stay off the Heresh bandwagon, I'm getting tired of playing the same formation of enemies all day.

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If you're a fan of Magical Drop, then grab Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. If you're a fan of puzzle games in general, please see my previous statement.

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