Micro-transactions in Xenon


posted 5/5/2005 by Charles Husemann
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Another possibility is if a software company were to release a large Xbox MMORPG, the company could create an online marketplace where gamers could buy and sell items game items much like Sony is doing now with Everquest 2. Is this cheating the system a bit? Yes. Is it going to happen anyway? Probably, so why not create a secure environment for this to happen.

There’s also nothing preventing eBay from creating an Xbox disc that allows you to buy and sell items online. This creates a more secure system in that both the buyer and seller have existing relationships established with Microsoft which could protect against the basic levels of credit card fraud.

We really won’t know what the possibilities are until at least next week when Microsoft releases the first details of the system and, even then, I don’t think we’ll know everything until the launch of the system. There are tons of little details to drive out between now and launch but I think this could be Microsoft’s secret weapon in the next round of the console wars.

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