Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


posted 3/15/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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When the PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 one of its largest selling points was the fact that Konami’s killer-app, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, was slated for an exclusive release on the console. Although players had to wait over a year after the console’s release to get their hands on the game the wait was well worth it, Konami had launched the first true blockbuster on Sony’s next generation console. Now Nintendo is looking to rekindle some of that magic by commissioning Konami to develop another Metal Gear Solid game exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. Instead of creating an entirely new adventure the guys at Konami outsourced the work to developer Silicon Knights to recreate Metal Gear Solid and bring the classic up to date. And while the end result is labor of love, it’s just not quite as impressive as it once was.

Although the game has an entirely new title, The Twin Snakes is actually a remake of the original PlayStation One classic. Look at is as the special director’s cut of MGS, the way that Hideo Kojima originally intended the game to be. There are a number of changes here that have been instilled to take advantage of advances in modern technology. You’ll receive some of the new gameplay elements that appeared in the sequel, newly shot cut scenes and a complete graphics overhaul but in the end it’s still the same game. Let’s be honest here, the feelings that you had for the original title won’t change. If you hated the original you’ll absolutely loathe this game and if you liked the original you might not find enough incentive to go through it again. You’ll be able to see every single plot twist and every surprise coming from a mile away because, well, you’ve experienced it all before, albeit at a lower resolution.

Twin Snakes puts you into the role of Solid Snake; a retired operative of FOXHOUND who is captured and placed back into duty. At the start of the game a terrorist faction steals the two access codes required to launch a nuclear attack. If their demands aren’t met within 24 hours they’ll utilize their nuclear arsenal. Instead of launching an all-out assault at the risk of provoking the terrorists a secret operative is sent in to sabotage the mission from the inside. Like always everything isn’t what it appears and it turns out that Snake’s old FOXHOUND buddies are behind the whole ordeal and the nukes are just the beginning of their plans. They have the desire to utilize Metal Gear, the giant walking tank that’s been a part of the franchise from the start, for their own devious desires. From there you’ll encounter a cast of over the top enemies, cybernetic ninjas, inept guards and your general assortment of hot babes.

Although you’re essentially playing the same game as you did in 1999 your experience will vary slightly due to the new gameplay inclusions. All of the moves from Sons of Liberty are here including the ability to perform pull-ups in the midst of the battle and the first person mode. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the new additions reinvent the game but the first person mode does make some of the combat easier. It’s especially effective when you’re saddled with one of the game’s numerous inane camera angles and you want to get a glance of the guy off-screen who’s pummeling you with bullets. Konami also decided to get rid of the vanishing bodies so you’ll have to properly hide the bodies or your risk the chance of getting caught. Some of the weapons have also made the transition to this remake including the tranquilizer gun and the sniper rifle. These don’t necessarily change the face of the game but the new additions are a pretty nice way of beefing up the game.
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