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posted 10/12/2010 by John Yan
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The game definitely takes a less Hollywood approach to story telling, which I do like. There were so many insane moments in Modern Warfare 2’s single player mode that I became pretty tired of them. There are a few smaller events in Medal of Honor but I did like the more subtle approach to what happens around you. There are still some minor scripted events and most of the story is told through pre-rendered cut scenes, which some might like and some might not.

It took me about six hours to finish the entire single player campaign on normal difficulty so it’s really, really short. To be fair, I had a very good time throughout the six hours and when I was playing a level for the first time, I wasn’t bored nor did I feel that the game dragged on. I’m saying for the first time because I ran into a bug that had me play a few areas a few times in order to get through. I’ll touch on those later on but some might see the six or so hours as too little content for a AAA game. I’m including watching the cut scenes and bugs I ran into as part of the six hours so as you can tell, it’s going to be a quick day to get through the entire single player campaign. Luckily, there’s a very nice multiplayer component that should more than make up for the short length of it, but the campaign was a satisfying experience.

For the game, Danger Close went with a HUD-less approach meaning all you see are your guns and the environment around you sans indicators of health or ammo. You can bring up a HUD to show you those by press H at anytime but it slowly disappears after a short amount of time. It does help draw you into the game a little more and I never ran out of ammo (which I’ll get to in a minute) so needing the HUD is a little superfluous. Any damage is indicated by an ever increasing amount of red veins around the edges of the screen so there’s your indicator on if you’re going to die soon.

When I talk about not running out of ammo, Danger Close opted to let you grab any ammo for your military issued gun from your squad mates. All you have to do is walk up to someone who has the same gun as you and press a button to ask for some more. They’ll only give it to you when you run low and I never ran into a scenario when they didn't have any to give me. It’s an interesting design decision and it did make me focus on sticking close to my squad mates so that I can grab a refill when I started to run out. You can pick up the guns dropped by your enemies and picking up the same ones will let you get more ammo. If you have one of those guns though, you won’t be able to use your squad mates to refill your supply so you have a little decision to make on whether to pick up an enemy's gun or stick with your own.

Something that I used a lot that Danger Close put into Medal of Honor is the ability to slide into cover. When you are running you can press the CTRL button to do a slide that helps get you to cover in a quicker and more effective way. When the mechanic was first introduced, I didn’t think I was going to use it that much but as I played on, I found myself subconsciously initiating the maneuver anytime there was gunfire around. I definitely used it a lot more than the learning that was present in the game so kudos to Danger Close for letting me slide to safety.

Like Modern Warfare 2, you can’t run and reload at the same time. It’s something that always gets me in trouble as I’m used to running fast and reloading in twitch type first person shooters but the same situation presents itself in Medal of Honor where you’re forced to either walk or stop in order to reload your weapon.
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