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posted 10/12/2010 by John Yan
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The original Medal of Honor was one of the games I was addicted to and I remember spending many hours online with it. It was THE game I played before Call of Duty came out, and it’s been a long time since I’ve played a game in the series. I was surprised to see the announcement that the series was coming back in a present day setting, but everything I saw looked pretty good. I also had a good time playing the multiplayer portion at E3 and now, it’s finally arrived.

Medal of Honor represents a transition of the series to the current day. In conjunction with the US Military, Danger Close has produced a military first person shooter that takes you into the heart of the war in Afghanistan. As with the Modern Warfare series, you get to partake in a few characters instead of sticking to one main character throughout the entire single person campaign.

What I really like about the single player campaign is that you’re almost never alone in your missions. Most of the time, you’ll be in teams of four or break off with another partner but the fact is, you’re not going to be getting into these situations alone. The AI does do an adequate job of taking down the enemy and keeping out of your way. Even the mission where you ride an AH-64 Apache helicopter has you paired up with another helicopter who paints targets for you. I’ve gotten tired of the one man army deals so I was pretty happy to see someone else on my team for most of the game.

The missions are varied enough to give you some nice changes instead of just running and gunning. Besides close quarters combat, you’ll be asked to take down the enemies with a sniper rifle, calling in air strikes, or as mentioned previously, ride along in an AH-64 to take down various bunkers and enemy hideouts. You won’t always be on the offensive however, as you will be some situations that are downright stacked against you causing you to either retreat or just pray to survive. Other games have done this with good effect and Danger Close has as well. You’re not always going to have everything go your way and Medal of Honor shows you a few scenarios where the best option is to fall back.

Most of the time, you get some nice transitions going from one character to another as the missions are intertwined in most cases. For example, at the end of the AH-64 mission, a sniper takes out a potential threat who’s manning a heavy anti-air gun that could have taken you down. After a short cut scene showing you being saved with a nice headshot to the terrorist, the game transitions you into the role of the soldier who took the shot. You proceed into his mission along with coverboy Dusty by your side. You’ll have a few of these scenarios that are used to further along the story.

Speaking of the story, it’s just your basic run of the mill military operation where things go wrong and you have to do your best to right things. There’s no big twist to who the bad guy is like in Modern Warfare 2 and in fact, there’s really no main target here. The Taliban and terrorists are the main enemies in Medal of Honor rather than trying to tie it all to one central antagonist. To me, the story’s a little weak and nothing memorable comes out of it but the action and missions are fun to play despite the story presented.
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