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posted 12/2/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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At the onset of this year I stated that Medal of Honor Allied Assault was my early choice for the game of the year. It was one of the few games on the market that not only managed to capture the look of World War II, but also the fear and emotion that it conveyed. It was almost as if all those long-winded stories that my grandfather told me as a child had come to life, beckoning me to fully comprehend just what the world’s most outrageous war was truly about. As I played through the game I began to understand what made it so great, it wasn’t the pleasing visuals or the outstanding sound effects, it was all about the substance and content.

Spearhead follows the events of the Second World War but instead of casting you as Lt. Powell you’ll assume the role of Jack Barnes. Because the game is in the same basic timeline of Allied Assault you’ll engage in some of the same missions, just from a different perspective. For instance, the first mission of the game revolves around Operation Overlord but instead of participating in the beach landing you’ll parachute around enemy forces and attack from behind the lines. This adds some more life into the game by allowing you a different perspective on some of the war’s more major events. While everyone remembers the landing not many people understood the impact of the paratroopers who had to land behind enemy lines, thankfully Spearhead sheds light upon this.

Much of the gameplay remains virtually unchanged although you’ll now be able to lean in the single player mode. If you can remember you could lean in Allied Assault but only during the multiplayer game. In addition to the new single-player campaign you’ll also have a few new weapons at your disposal. There’s a new rifle, a new pistol, a new sub-machinegun, some new grenades, but they suffer from being too similar to one another. Why do you need two rifles when they do the same job? Why do I need two sub-machine guns if they’re essentially the same? This has been the downfall of many FPS and it seems to hit this expansion pack as well. Thankfully the designers added a secondary fire option to the weapons to allow you to bash your opponents over the head with the butt of a rifle or pistol. This is an excellent addition that really helps you out especially when you’re low on ammo. In order to make the environment more realistic you’ll be able to handle much more of the machinery. You’ll take control of AA guns and flak cannons but the end result seems to be more of a novelty than a bonus.

This pack seems to be much more focused on the multiplayer aspects of the game as opposed to the single-player aspects. The multiplayer game sees new improvements in nearly every realm while the single player game seems kind of rushed and unfinished. The campaign didn’t even last me a day, that’s right, I managed to complete it in one dedicated night. Even with all of the frustrations, level loads and restarts, I put this game through its paces in about 3 or 4 hours.
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