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posted 2/25/2011 by Jeremy Duff
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If you happened to play the original game, you will notice that many aspects of the game’s interface have been streamlined in the sequel. Gone are the overwhelming and clunky inventory screens and leveling options. Mass Effect 2 streamlines all of these menus and more. Inventory management is practically nonexistent and the leveling options are spelled out for you in simple to understand categories. You even have the option of foregoing these screens and setting your characters to auto level as you progress and earn experience from missions.

As great of a game as ME2 is, there are a couple of technical hiccups that you will undoubtedly experience on your adventure. Visually, there are a couple of areas of the game where you will experience slight slowdown as well as a ton of texture clipping This is perhaps most notable in the areas of the game where you are piloting the Hammerhead explorer. The vehicle has a habit of falling through objects such as rock-walls and occasional floors; in some cases it can get pretty bad and cause you to fall to your death. Luckily, these stages are few and far between. I also experienced some issues with the dialogue wheel on occasion. Every once in a while, the game seemed to hesitate when I made a selection and there would be an awkward period of silence. This lasted as long as 8-10 seconds in some cases and the characters on the screen just sat there and looked at each other. This isn’t anywhere near as annoying as the clipping and hit detection issues with the Hammerhead, but it happens enough that you will notice.

Mass Effect 2 is easily one of the best games you can buy for any system. The game will keep you busy for hours upon hours thanks to the incredible story and engulfing gameplay. There is always “something” for you to do and many ways that you can do it. This is YOUR game and you should play it the way in which you see fit. Make the experience your own. BioWare has often called this version the definitive version of the game and I couldn’t agree more. When you consider that you are getting a solid base package along with all of the major downloadable content missions released on the Xbox 360 (Kasumi’s Stolen Memories, Overlord, and Lair of the Shadow Broker), the value is incredible. I don’t think that we, as gamers, have ever been in a position where the same title could potentially score Game of the Year honors for two consecutive years but the PS3 release of Mass Effect 2 just might make that happen. There were many outlets that gave the 360 version those honors last year and I am sure some will do the same with the 2011 release. This game is a masterpiece. I often throw a hypothetical question out to my gaming friends, asking what current generation games will be the benchmark-classics 20+ years down the line. I haven’t really had an answer to give myself, until now...

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Mass Effect 2 was an incredible game on the Xbox 360 and is just as incredible a year later on the PlayStation 3. BioWare has done a fine job porting over an already impressive game and did a great job (along with DarkHorse comics) to help bridge the gap created by the first game’s absence on the console. If you own a PS3, even if you have played the game in its previous form, you owe yourself to play through it again on the PS3. It’s that good.

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