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posted 4/19/2010 by Tina Amini
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Traversing Kasumi's mission was certainly fun and the gameplay felt fresh and versatile, particularly given Kasumi’s unique abilities. She’s a bit of a weakling in terms of how much damage she can take before going down, but she’s light on her feet and proves a worthy companion. Unfortunately, the DLC ends quickly thereafter if you’ve already finished all other missions in the game itself. In that case, you’ll only have the New Game Plus option available to you to really make use of your new crewmember.

I would have preferred to embark on this loyalty mission when I had originally started the game. It would have given me more time to explore the personality of my new friend, as well as explore her value as a fighter by my side. While I enjoyed my mission with Kasumi, it was too short to be a memorable experience, especially compared to the amount of time I spent with my other companions. I shared many epic situations with the other crewmembers watching my back, and it provided for a greater connection with them even if that only amounted to more heartfelt conversation.

I managed to muster the same amount of conversation with Kasumi as I did with Zaeed: namely, their responses to my snooping around their living quarters. Interacting with an object incites comments from both characters. I expected that having gained Kasumi's loyalty that she might indulge me with some hearty conversation similar to the cinematic interactions I've had with the other characters. Kasumi's speaking with me only revealed some insight into her own history, but never established any connection between us, as Shepard never actually speaks in return. Choosing the direction of my dialogue with my companions was something that I'd always enjoyed from BioWare games because the conversation felt like my own instead of something scripted. They've taken that away with Kasumi. Kasumi is fun to play with in terms of what new fighting style she brings to the table, but ultimately given the timing to her arrival to my game she becomes no more than just a tag-along.

How worthwhile Kasumi – Stolen Memory is will be very dependent on your specific progression in the main storyline. If you’ve finished your main missions, you might find some use for Kasumi’s interesting combat abilities along some undiscovered side quests. If you plan on replaying the entire storyline, Kasumi will definitely prove a useful and welcomed addition to your crew. However, if you’re at the end of your game and not planning on restarting or trying your hand at New Game Plus, you might not feel that this first PDLC is worth your time.

My advice? Use your discretion in terms of the $7 price tag, and hopefully you are new to the game or planning on starting a new one with the PDLC already purchased.

While what is there in the PDLC is fun to tinker with - particularly Kasumi's unique fighting abilities - it feels like too little too late in the game if you've already completed the missions available to you. Kasumi's loyalty mission and her abilities as a combat partner are certainly enjoyable, but there won't be enough content to utilize her with if you've already finished the game and don't plan on re-embarking with a fresh start.

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