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posted 12/13/2010 by Dan Keener
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As for my personal favorite, that would probably be the Spider-man table. The amount of ramps and tracks are crazy and the design and layout are both excellent. Another reason I like it is that I am more familiar with Spider-man and the other characters, so there is more of a sense of understanding what is going on in the background. While there wasn’t any table that I didn’t care for, the Blade table was probably my least favorite. I enjoyed playing it, but there were some quirks such as changing the table from day to “night” for when the vampires come out. While it fits into the interactive game-play style, it is kind of annoying because it impacts your ability to see the ball. Intentional or not, nothing ticks you off faster than playing pinball and losing a ball because of the table. The only other struggle I had was with some of the extra activities, like hitting certain lights, bumpers, holes and so on. There are also various “tasks” that they ask you to complete in the old-school led readout. The problem is that there is so much going on; it was difficult to tell what I was being asked to do next. If I took my eyes off the action on the table for a second, I ended up losing a ball or keying in my initials because the game was over.

Overall, I think Marvel Pinball is a great table pack add-on for Pinball FX2 if you want your pinball gameplay to be truly immersive and as realistic as possible. While there are a few opportunities for improvement in the layout and gameplay of a couple of the tables, they all provided hours of fun and addictive gameplay. Adding in the Marvel themes, heroes and villains in interactive form is just gravy in my opinion and really adds to the game. For anyone that likes pinball, Marvel Comics or both, the 800 MS Points are well worth adding these tables to your Pinball FX2 collection.

One final item to note is that a contest to pick the next Marvel Pinball character from Ghost Rider, Hulk, Captain America or the Fantastic Four is being held right now. You simply have to head over to to vote. Personally, I am voting for the Hulk, because that should make for some real interesting battles with any of military elements that have sought his hide or the long list of freaks he has encountered over the years.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

Anyone that is a fan of the Marvel characters or pinball in general will love Pinball FX II and specifically the Marvel Pinball table pack. While either piece alone is enough to satisfy someone, if you love both Marvel and pinball, you will be in heaven…

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