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posted 3/1/2007 by Ben Berry
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On Monday we had the chance to participate in a conference call with MLB 2K7 producer Ben Brinkman.  Here are the answers to the questions that Ben submitted.
How did you arrive at the "signature style" of the players? Was this through motion capture with the players themselves, or was it taken from video of the MLB games?

All of our references were captured from video of games. I wish we could have gotten all of these guys in here to do this stuff but that’s not practical at all. We were lucky enough to get them to sit down and do head scans for our game and the heads cans are uncanny in how realistic they look but unfortunately motion capture is a whole other animal. It is a lot of work and requires a lot of labor that we’ll never ever be able to get these guys in unfortunately. 
Is the signature style in place for every player on the 40 man rosters in 2006, just the superstars, or anyone who has a very unique movement that fans would notice?

More of the last two I think. People who have a very distinct movement as well as the superstars we’ve tried to capture. We have a list of guys we didn’t get to this year that we’re going to capture very soon. We have a list of guys we weren’t able to  get and we’re going to try and get as many as we can going forward so that every player in the game will have a wind-up or a stretch or pre-batting ritual, or a waggle that clearly mirrors their real life counterpart. 

How are the defenses determined for True Fielding? Is this based strictly on who the MLB player at the plate or does it tie into their current in game batting average and tendencies?

It definitely ties into not only who the batter is but the in game situation as well. We’ve added a myriad of new defensive alignments so you have the horseshoe alignment for the big pull hitters, different infield in for pull hitters, we’ve got a lot more coverage such as the third baseman creeping in when you have a guy who runs fast or play back when a guy isn’t that fast. There are a lot of on base tendencies as the situation is different, late innings for example might override it. and play out a different way. 

Can you provide some details as to the online play?
It’s the typical 2K Sports package that people have known over the years and have fun with. You have the head to head match-ups of course and we’ve addressed a couple of the issues from last year. One that we’ve touched upon is switching the views so that you can pitch from the pitching view and bat from the batting view which you couldn’t do last year. We also have cut scenes online. These may sound very basic but they were things that weren’t in last year’s version.  Of course we’ve got the tournament and the leagues that people can play in.

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