Madden 2003 (XBOX)


posted 10/30/2002 by John Yan
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For Madden, they fixed the control scheme that was plaguing NCAA on the XBOX. For some unknown reason, the yellow button called the play positioned at the right instead of flip back to the formation selection in NCAA. Madden thankfully fixed this and is now consistent with the PS2 version where the yellow button flipped back to the formation screen with the red button calling the right most play. The annoying speed burst button switch from offense to defense is still there though. It would’ve been nice if EA did include a way to map buttons and with that a lot of the control problems can be fixed in terms of button assignments.

Like most XBOX games, Madden features Dolby Digital surround sound for those with a 5.1 setup. Hearing the roar of the stadium coming from all around you is pretty damn cool. You’ll also hear tackles and hits from various directions around you. Another reason I enjoy XBOX games over PS2 games is the ability to hear true surround sound.

A feature that’s missing on the XBOX version is the ability to play over the Internet. I don’t see why they would omit this as the XBOX does have a built in Ethernet port. I was really looking forward to play some of my friends over the Internet but I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to experience that on the XBOX. At the minimum they should’ve included System Link to allow for LAN people to play or a few people to play with third party routing programs. If you do want Internet play, look at the PS2 or PC version to get your online Madden fix.

One of the best football games out right now, Madden 2003 does a great job in providing a fun experience for any football fan. The new features such as Madden 101 and the mini camps help you get a feel for the game if you’re a novice and give you some practice on specific areas. The lack of Internet play is a disappointment to me as I was looking forward to challenging a bunch of my friends through XBOX Live but I guess I can wait until next year’s version for that. Thankfully, EA fixed the control scheme that didn’t make sense on the XBOX version of NCAA so that it was more consistent. All in all, Madden 2003 is a great football game that continues the EA tradition of quality for Madden.

Awesome football action with incredible graphics. The game has tons of features that’ll keep you playing. Saving and loading is quick and easy with the hard drive. Lack of network play is a disappointment given the nature of the XBOX.

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