posted 6/2/2005 by Sean Colleli
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One Page Platforms: GC
The sound is a higher note, no pun intended. The music isn’t really catchy, but it does its job and never gets annoying. The voices are well done and a little funny, and include some professional talent, such as Phil Lamarr. None of the characters feel stiff or forced, but this game is based on a cartoon flick.

In the end, the kids will eat this one up. They’ll come home from seeing the movie and play this game to death. They’ll enjoy it too, as the game is well put together and it isn’t really broken in any respect. Solid control, a minimum of bugs, and an easy interface make it a pick-up-and-play deal. The younger crowd will also appreciate the repetitive nature of the gameplay. Older kids and adults probably won’t give this game a second glance (or a first glance for that matter), due to the subject matter and the sub-par graphics. Unless you flipped over the movie and absolutely have to play this game, think about buying something else. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just rather average.

An average platform game that younger gamers will appreciate more than adult gamers.

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