Mad Catz MicroCon Controller (PS2)


posted 11/13/2002 by John Yan
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Mad Catz’s MicroCon line extends to the whole range of console systems out right now and I am taking a look at the Playstation 2 version today. Previously, I reviewed the Xbox one and I really did like the feel of the MicroCon line on that console. Let’s see how the Playstation 2 controller holds up.

The Playstation2 controller is pretty small as it is and Mad Catz chopped off another 20% in size making it a pretty tiny controller. Whereas the PS2 controller’s middle area is condensed, the MicroCon controller has a larger middle area. On this large middle area are the start, select, macro, and analog toggle buttons. Elsewhere, the controller is more condensed. It’s definitely not as wide as the regular Dual Shock 2 controllers.

As far as the rest of the button and stick layout goes, the main buttons and triggers are pretty much the same. Tension and resistance from the dual analog sticks are just right giving you a good feel when using them. They aren’t too loose or too tight. Playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, I was pretty happy at how they performed when driving various automobiles and motorcycles. Some though might have issues with the diameter of the analog sticks. They are rather tiny and large thumbs might feel uncomfortable maneuvering them.

I definitely like the triggers and button feedback better than Sony’s controller. The triggers and the buttons offer very good feedback when pushed. They feel solid and well built. The spring gives a very nice return when pressed. All in all, I was very happy with the way all the buttons felt.

The D-pad seems a little too stiff on the unit and I hope it loosens up the more I use it. As much as I like responsive buttons and pads, the D-pad is a little too strong for my liking. Even so, it doesn’t hinder the operation of gamepad and all the games worked fine with it.
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