MLB 10: The Show


posted 4/20/2010 by Chad Smith
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Just like in real life, hitting the ball involves timing and coordination. Don’t expect to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park each time. It will take persistence to be reliable at the plate but the payoff is that much more rewarding. This sense of accomplishment isn’t as clear in any other game mode as much as it is in Road to the Show (RTTS).

RTTS is a familiar format to sports video games. Design a character from the ground up physically. Choose what position he will specialize in and increase your starting abilities in key areas. You are then drafted into the AA League and given a chance to shine. The managing AI gives you broad goals to attempt (i.e. get on base X number of times or have X batting average) but you also get rewarded for solid defensive plays and good at-bats. Your performance directly translates into points that are used to improve your skills. Controlling one position throughout the game and feeling like your turn at bat makes a difference is amazing.

The RTTS mode also shows off some interesting features. First, your player’s stats are kept over the length of his career. This allows you to track your progress as you reach for the big leagues and see how your batter has performed in different situations. Many times these are listed as the next game loads giving you extra impetus to strive for improvement.

Next, the presentation options are robust. Do you want to watch the entire game from the perspective of your player? Or would you rather it fast forward the action to only the plays in which you’re involved? If you fast forward, the announcer actually acknowledges that fact by saying the action has moved forward “due to time constraints.”

Put music on your PS3 and The Show will help you create custom playlists. There is even a slick option to record custom taunts and cheers for the game. The announcers do a passable job, but I prefer to turn them off completely. I’d rather listen to the fans, stadium announcer and my own tunes. Record specific replays, save them, and even create your own amazing highlight reel. It’s easier than it sounds and gives you evidence for your disbelieving friends of when you hit for the cycle.  

Once you have a feel for the game, there are sliders that will change nearly everything that happens on the field. Adjust the amount of forgiveness The Show gives your timing at bat. Change the amount of errors, base stealing, and more. It’s all very self-explanatory and simple to save globally or just for the current game being played.
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