posted 9/17/2003 by John Yan
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One Page Platforms: PS2
So you’re looking for a good controller for your PlayStation 2, eh? Well how about one that also lights up. Mad Catz, makers of some really good 3rd party controllers, has released a series of light up controllers in their Lumicon line and today we look at the PlayStation 2 version.

For those that have any Mad Catz PS2 controllers, the Lumicon version will be pretty much the same. The design is the same as the Dual Force 2 Pro controllers. The shape of the controller is pretty close to a regular Dual Shock PlayStation 2 one but the Lumicon is bigger. Even with my small hands I felt pretty comfortable holding the controller and I don’t have any trouble reaching any of the buttons or sticks.

The underside of each grip is covered in a nice easy to grip rubber that’s pretty comfortable to hold and feels similar to the tops of the analog sticks. The bulge in the grips are a little large than the regular PS2 controller. Comparing the two feel, I prefer the Lumicon’s larger handles. I just feel more comfortable with it when switching between the two.

Each button has a nice feel when push and gives good feedback. The have a strong spring underneath that makes it feel ever so slightly stiffer than a PS2 controller. The same can be said for the triggers as they also feel stiffer and provide good feedback. On the lower two triggers, there’s a small plastic lip on top of the buttons. Whether they help you physically feel which trigger you are pressing is a matter of opinion as I couldn’t really feel the lip with my finger on the bottom triggers.

While I’ve had problems with a few 3rd party controller’s analog stick resistance, the Lumicon’s stick resistance feels pretty close to a regular PlayStation 2 controller. You’ll have good controller over vehicles if you use the analog sticks. I felt in complete control of my car in Gran Turismo 3 using the analog sticks to steer. Mad Catz did a great job in providing good resistance on the sticks.

The digital pad is a full cross compared to the four directional buttons of the Dual Shock controller. As with the analog sticks, the resistance of the digital pad also feels pretty good. For diagonal and straight moves, the pad translates the presses pretty well and I never felt like the pad was not correctly producing the movement I intended as with some other directional pads I’ve dealt with.

While the regular PS2 controller’s middle area is pretty thin, the Lumicon’s bulges out. In the middle though is a macro button that enables you to program L2, L3, R2, and R3 buttons. There’s also the switch for digital and analog in the middle. Both the macro button and analog/digital switch button light up to let you know the status they are at.
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