Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring


posted 11/3/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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If you are on the receiving end of one of these moves, the game has a decent counter attack system that is fueled by a correctly timed R1 press. Learning to counter effectively will take some practice, but the game will tutor you along the way in terms of the correct timing for countering techniques. You will want to time your button press along with the strike of your opponent; the game will notify of your timing errors if you happen to fail on the counter execution. The game tells you whether or not you pressed the button too early or too late, allowing you to adjust with each individual character’s speed and animation set. You will need to pay attention to the animation and style of your opponent’s attack though as the timing will differ depending on the attack that is coming at you.

As a player successful attacks and counter-attacks their opponent, they gain points that measure / equate to the reaction of the crowd. The points, along with taunts, build up a meter of stars located under your lucha's name; once all of the stars he been filled you can trigger your signature move. Signature moves are initiated by pressing both trigger buttons; once “triggered” you simply need to engage your opponent with a strong grapple and your character will complete their strongest (signature) move. Nailing one of these moves on your opponent usually gives you the best chance to successfully pin your opponent and win the match; it does not guarantee a victory though as a strong opponent can still kick out before the referee’s hand hits the canvas on three.

Lucha Libre AAA also relies on a variety of button pressing-style mini games for its submission and pin systems. Both moves are initiated with the press of either trigger button, but the opponent will then be given a chance to break such a hold. When it comes to submission and pin moves, the wrestler on the receiving end of the move will be given a prompt to rapidly tap a certain face button. This button will change every couple of seconds, so you will be required to pay close attention to the required button at any given time. This is a nice change of pace from other games which require players to repeatedly hit a specific button in order to break a hold / pin. Those sorts of games often turn into “button mashing” fests whereas Heroes del Ring requires players to pay close attention to what the game is requiring in terms of button input and change up their input constantly. Pounding on a button different than you are supposed to will only swing the momentum further into your opponent’s favor. You will need to stay on your toes and pay attention in order to be successful. Swinging the momentum over to your direction with the correct presses will allow you to not only break out of the situation, but potentially counter the said move with your own attack. The combination of all of these elements creates a gameplay system that should play out well over the course of a match. Unfortunately though, other aspects of the game keep it from staying fun for an extended period of time and ruin the experience all together.
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