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posted 10/8/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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What are the most important parts of creating a good wrestling game? What is the hardest of those to put into a game?
Well, there’s a lot of stuff. The most important part is to make sure that the game is fun to play. It could be the best looking game in the world, but if it’s not fun to play, no one will be it. For us, we had to be able to translate the fun in real Lucha Libre to the video game world. In order to do that, we did have to incorporate some arcade like fighting elements. You see, we have been clear that we are developing a Lucha Libre game and that has some differences with the wrestling ones, including the speed, the dynamic movements and actions, the crowd´s involvement, the fact that it is relatively more “hilarious”, and the variety of wrestling styles involved. But we had to be careful not to stray too far into the arcade world while making sure we created an authentic experience.

From what we’ve seen, you’ve done a great job of presenting a predominantly (in the US) unknown wrestling promotion to the audience, teaching the players a lot about the background of the federation; how important was that in the development process of the game?
As we were developing a game based on Mexican Lucha Libre filled with Latin elements, colorful environments, and new and different rules and fighting styles, we were also very concerned about making it a product easily enjoyable for people all around the world. In order to accomplish that we incorporated gameplay features that would be immediately recognizable, but a fan progressed the action and the competition would increase in difficulty. So we needed to create a game that was pick-up and play fun, but challenged those true wrestling and fighting fans.

What will the single player experience be like? Will players be able to create their own wrestlers or will they be using only the existing characters?
I can assure there is lots of material for a fun and lasting single player experience. The story line allows fans to play as either a “Face” or “Heel.” Think of it as a good or bad character. Depending on your affiliation, the story line evolves from there. As for the custom luchadores, allows fans to create their own unique character as well as create Lucha Libre legendary characters. There is very robust luchador editor in the game for players not only to enjoy in single, but in multiplayer experiences and online as well. Oh, let´s not forget, being that this is a Lucha Libre videogame, we have a mask editor that allows you to create your own mask. There are thousands of possibilities.

Wrestling is known for its writing and plots, how much of that are you bringing to Lucha Libre?
We have created two storylines in the story mode with a totally new plot depending on whether you play as a “técnico” or a “rudo.” These two unique storylines include the type of narration and stories you see in Mexican Lucha Libre (particularly in the AAA league, and in the late 80s – 90s of American wrestling), but the story provides introductions on each of the characters in the AAA league and their alignments. On designing the characters, choosing their behavior, their movements and their relationship with the crowd, we as well took special care in reflecting the roster’s real personalities.

What sort of online plans do you have in store for the title? Will multiplayer be strictly a shared sofa affair or will you be able to play people online? How will you handle those who leave a match early?
We have both local and online multiplayer. On the local side, we created an easy quick mode match that allows you to battle with friends. On the online side, we presented more competitive options. Letting you use your own created luchador to battle in the famous Hair vs. Mask modes or in other ranked matches including four player battles. If you lose your hair or mask in the ring, you have to battle through a series of matches in order to regain the ability to create a new one.
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