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posted 12/5/2002 by John Yan
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Ever since I reviewed the Z-560’s last year, I was hoping Logitech would take the next step and churn out a 5.1 solution based on the same technology. In fact here’s my quote from the article:

“I truly hope Logitech puts out a 5.1 system to compete with the Klipsch and if the Z-560s are any indication, they would probably would be the ultimate computer theatre speaker set.”

Well Logitech has not only released a 5.1 solution but these puppies rock! The Z-680’s are here and be prepared to be blown away by the features and performance.

The Z-680 from Logitech is a 5.1 speaker set consisting of four satellites, a center speaker, a sub, and a controlling unit. Let’s start with what’s similar to the Z-560s. The satellites are the same design and shape but now feature a light gray color scheme instead of the black. As you can see in the pictures, the wire connections feature easy thumbscrews for easy attachment and they also double as banana plug connectors. If you never used banana plugs, they make connection of speaker wire extremely simple and Logitech did a superb job in keeping the design from the Z-560s. You can use the included speaker wire but the beauty of the design is that you have the ability to use your own so you are not constrained by length and quality. The speaker stands are made of a bendable metal with four holes lined with rubber to keep from damaging the surface they sit on. Utilizing an included allen wrench, you can flip the stands 180degrees and they now serve as wall mounts. A nice thick screw keeps the wall mount in place. My only minor gripe with the speaker stands is that you cannot position the facing of the speakers without trying to bend the metal. I would’ve liked to see some sort of ball socket to move the facing around but that’s ok. Since they are pretty much the same as the Z-560 speakers, here’s an excerpt from my old review about the innards and power ratings.

“The satellites output at 53 watts RMS, pretty powerful for PC speakers. Removing the grill reveals no tweeter but one 3” driver with an aluminum phase plug in the middle”

Another similarity with the Z-560 is in the subwoofer. All the speaker wire connections go to the sub and the control unit also plugs into there. The power has been reduced a bit to 185 but that’s like saying Bill Gates’ net worth from 76 billion was reduced to 54 billion: you’re not going to notice. While the satellites had banana plugs, the subwoofer features regular spring loaded clips to hold the wire in. I had hoped Logitech would’ve made the connections banana plugs also in the new set but unfortunately they kept the same design. The control unit plugs into the subwoofer via a serial connection and it’s secured by thumbscrews. The housing is slightly larger than the Z-560 and there has been some tweaks to help enhance the already great bass but the general shape is the same. The amplifier is also housed in the sub casing and now the total output is 450 watts RMS.
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