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posted 11/16/2002 by John Yan
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Connecting the speakers to my Hercules Game Theater XP I tested the unit with a variety of music, movies, and games. I ran through my collection of MP3s and CDs to see how well the speakers handled music. I wasn’t surprised at how much bass the unit puts out as I’ve been using the Z-540 units for a while but that’s not to say that it isn’t impressive. It’s loud, deep and powerful. It’s not going to overwhelm you but the bass is definitely very good. Voices and instruments sound good coming from the small speakers as well. Given the small size, the produce a very good sound. The highs and mids weren’t bad. To be honest, I was very happy with how music sounded.

The Z-640 set is an inexpensive solution to listen to movies in Dolby Digital on your computer. Using Cyberlink’s PowerDVD, I played some scenes from Star Wars Episode I. As with music, the Z-640’s did a good job at outputting sound. The roar of the pod racers and sound of lightsabers clashing sounded great especially in my small office area.

Turning on the surround sound in Medal of Honor treated me to a great audio experience. Just to be able to hear footsteps or gunfire coming from behind allows me to react accordingly. The surround sound experience also enhanced playing Unreal Tournament 2003. Along with the great graphics, the great 3D sound gives you a very fun playing experience and the Z-640 delivers really well. In fact, all the games that I tried that supported surround sound played out really well with the Z-640. Audio cues really help enhance the game playing experience and having a surround sound setup with the Z-640 helps out a lot. More and more games in the future will start to take full advantage of surround sound so the Z-640 set with the appropriate sound card will let you listen to how the games are meant to sound.

If you want to use the set with a console system, Logitech was kind enough to provide a dual 1/8” to RCA jack converter. You just need to plug the left and right audio into the converter and attach the front and rear plugs from the Z-640 to the converter. Turning on the matrix feature, the set tries to emulate surround sound from a stereo source. While nowhere near as good as true surround sound, the matrix effect does an ok job in trying to position the audio where it should be.

For those on a budget and would like to get a very capable 5.1 setup, then the Logitech Z-640 is the set for you. For the price, they sound pretty good and offer a decent amount of power for small rooms. I’ve always liked how the Z-540 sounded considering they were very inexpensive and the Z-640 continues to do the same. The addition of the center speaker along with a headphone jack highlights the set. Pick up the Z-640 if you want to experience true 5.1 surround sound at a very respectable price.

While it doesn’t give out heart pounding awesome sound like some of the higher priced units out there, the Z-640 does an admirable job in giving you 5.1 sound at a very good price. The Z-640 is a great set for those on a budget.

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