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posted 1/10/2003 by John Yan
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Like the Mad Catz controller, the Logitech Cordless Controller lacks the expansion ports for memory cards, Xbox Live headset, or other peripherals. Instead they are moved to the receiver unit that plugs into the Xbox. The receiver unit is shaped just like Logitech’s receiver unit on other cordless items but oversized to allow for two expansion ports. A connect button resides on top so that you can synch up your controller to the receiver. Yes, Xbox live users will be disappointed that you can’t use the headset with the cordless controller.

For testing, I played a season of NCAA Football 2003, Hunter: The Reckoning, and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. In Hunter and NCAA Football 2003, the controller performed very well. I was able to lob passes in or gun them to my receivers. Juking and sidestepping defenders, I was able to accurately control my running back as he plowed through the defensive line on his way to the Heisman trophy. Moving and aiming with the analog sticks, I took out hordes of zombies and fought my way through numerous levels of the undead. Both games reacted well with the controller because I didn’t have to use the D-Pad. Now with Mortal Kombat, that’s when my frustration set in. Since the game goes back to its roots and relies a lot on horizontal and vertical movement for special moves and combos, I would find myself either not doing them at all or seeing my character jump because the D-Pad would recognize my movement as a diagonal when I didn’t mean to. This would happen a lot when I would try and just walk sideways as my character took to the air. I didn’t have any problems with any of my other gamepads I tested. Even the Mad Catz controller provided flawless D-pad movement as I went through various stages of Konquest without any problems. The Logitech Cordless Controller however gave me fits.

The Logitech Cordless Controller is a great performer for the most part. The buttons, sticks, and triggers felt good and provided quick responses to my actions. The D-Pad, however, was too inconsistent to use. Battery life is pretty good and the range worked well. I stood back around fifteen feet and was still able to use the controller without any problems. It’s pretty expensive as the controller runs around $50 in stores and online. It’s another cordless option out there with the Mad Catz being the other third party controller that’s wireless. All in all, if you like the shape of Logitech’s gamepads, you’ll enjoy the Xbox one as well. Just be wary about the D-pad.

It’s a quick responding controller that has a good feel but the D-Pad needs some work here.

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