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posted 1/5/2004 by John Yan
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On the back of the right front speaker is a three way switch for 4.1, 5.1, and 6.1 operation. Depending on your source, you place the switch on the one that mimics what’s coming in. For example, if you are using a 6.1 sound card, flip the switch to 6.1. 5.1 users, of course, use 5.1. Connecting a 4.1 source or a game console with the included adapter, you would use 4.1.

For tests I used an AMD64 system with an FIC motherboard. The motherboard features a Realtek ALC655 5.1 channel sound. I ran through a list of games, movies, and music. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a 6.1 system to test the set on currently. So how well does the set do for each?

With music, I played various hits on both CD and high bit rate MP3s. I preferred to listen to the music in 4.1 rather than having the voice come from the center speaker so after a few adjustments I sat back and listened to a few tunes. The bass was good and pretty powerful for the set. I didn’t think the voices came out as well and the mid’s and high’s were not as distinct. Even so, the music coming out of the speakers weren’t too bad and some songs did performed better than others.

Watching The Matrix Reloaded and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, I was happy with how the sound was, especially coming from a very inexpensive priced set. The bass was ample and had a good deep sound while the satellites provided good highs and good surround sound. Voices and other center sounds came out well from the more powerful center channel. The bass really helped enhance the action sequences. Without a 6.1 card, I wasn’t able to determine the benefit of a rear center speaker. From my experience with different surround sound systems, it was hard to notice a rear center speaker in most movies I saw. But, those that do want six speakers, the X-620 provides them for you to watch movies with on your computer system.

Playing games in surround sound was also a lot of fun and the X-620 held up very well with the various games I tried out. Even with games that don’t utilize surround sound, the X-620 had more than enough power and good clarity to provide good quality sound. Whereas the Z-680’s where too powerful for my small office, the X-620 was just right and weren’t overkill. The set does come with an adapter to connect console systems, but you won’t get true surround sound from consoles as it just takes the front inputs and expands them to the other speakers. But, you could plug the console with a digital connection to a receiver and plug the X-620 into the receiver’s speaker output and have true surround sound in games that way. Unlike the Z-680 the set doesn’t feature a decoder for surround sound.

Logitech’s always come out with some nice sets at very good prices. The X-620 continues the tradition. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like others but at $99 and allowing you to have 6.1 surround sound is just an awesome deal. The speakers sound good and the bass compliments the set nicely. I did like the setup for movies and games more so than music. Me, being a light music listener, wasn’t disappointed in that aspect and I weighed the set more on game and movie performance. Of course it can’t compare to the other high end offerings from Logitech but at the price of $99, the set really stands out especially if you have a small office like I do. If you’re looking for an inexpensive setup for your 6.1 sound card and don’t have too much to spend, you should definitely give the X-620 a listen to. Now let’s see some 6.1 high ends sets, Logitech!

A good buy for the price, the X-620 set is great for budget gamers and a good buy for small offices or work areas.

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