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posted 10/28/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Logitech and Microsoft have had themselves quite a battle for the crown of peripheral supremacy. It seems like right when one of them comes out with the “next big thing” the other is quick to counter with their own new and improved version of it. Thankfully this usually equates to not only better prices for the consumer but also better products. While the battle rages on in the joystick and controller area, it is perhaps most fiercest in the mouse realm.

Logitech offered some amazing mice last year but they seemed to be lacking in design and ergonomics. This time around Logitech is out to prove that they are not only capable of proving a highly technological mouse but also one that is beautiful to look at. Thus the MX family of mice was born, perhaps the most accurate and well-designed series of mice ever.

The MX700 is in essence, the wireless version of the corded MX500. The design of the mouse is nearly identical with the exception residing in the absence of the cord and the difference in weight. The MX700 requires 2 AA batteries to be inserted into the unit, adding quite a bit of weight. This actually works out to be an advantage, it adds more weight to the mouse and makes the entire unit feel much more sturdy than the corded mice, I was already beginning to fall in love with it.

Unlike Logitech’s last cordless mouse, the MX700 features rechargeable batteries so that the consumer can be spared the chore of having to purchase batteries. The charger itself is in the receiver of the unit which plugs into the wall and into the USB port of the computer. To recharge the batteries you simply just place the mouse onto the cradle and the charger does the rest of the work. This integration of receiver and charger is definitely a huge plus in the convenience department.

Battery life is much more longer than I had expected, I accidentally left my mouse off the charger at night and awoke to find the mouse still fully operable. In fact it lasted me for the better part of the morning but required a recharge by midday. If I had to estimate I’d say that the battery life is in the neighborhood of 5-10+ hours on a full recharge. Charging time is also kept to a minimal and is convenient since the unit can be recharged when it’s not being used.

Much like the MX500 the mouse features 5 additional buttons that populate the surface of the mouse. There are two buttons that essentially perform the functions of the scroll wheel, the forward and back buttons and an especially neat addition in the task switch button. The task switch button is by far the best thing to happen to mice since the wheel and the optical eye. Essentially, it allows you to perform the alt+tab function with the press of a button. Perfect for office work and people who are multitasking, you can change tasks with the click of one button.
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