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posted 3/22/2005 by John Yan
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I’ve used the on the fly adjustments a lot in my sessions in CounterStrike: Source. It helps a lot turning down the sensitivity when using a scoped weapon and having a high sensitivity setting when using an assault rifle. With the MX518, you can do the same here and I like the implementation on the MX518 a little more. For my session, I set the top mode to 1500DPI and the lowest mode to 450DPI with nothing in between. So that way with a press of the plus button I’m at the high sensitivity mode I need to aim quickly with my rifle or pistol. Once I am in a scoped weapon, I press the minus button and I’m down to low sensitivity so I can fine tune my aim a lot easier. Playing a few hours this way, it became very intuitive and I was switching between sensitivities instinctively based on what weapon I had. I stopped playing CounterStrike at version 1.6 but started it up with the Source version and never got back into using the AWP. With the changing sensitivities, I was a lot more comfortable controlling the AWP and had a lot more success than my previous games. The change in sensitivity really added a lot to my enjoyment and confidence in using the scout or AWP.

Playing a more fast twitch game like Unreal Tournament 2004, I found the higher sensitivity to really help get the quick turn on people. And since the game has a sniper rifle, the adjustable DPI also benefits this game when equipped with that weapon. At 1600DPI, the sensitivity is pretty high and it’s really easy to over steer. I was used to it being an avid Diamondback user and found the MX518 to perform as well as the Diamondback at that stage.

If you have the MX510, is it worth upgrading to the MX518? As much as I like the mouse, it’s tough to say yes unless you are a real hardcore gamer. Then again this is who the mouse is marketed towards. Heavy FPS gamers will probably like this mouse over the MX510. I know I’ve dropped my Diamondback in favor of this one when I play games now. Logitech keeps adding little things to improve the MX5xx line and the additions in the MX518 are top notch.

While no physical changes were made to the MX518 over the MX510, the software and what's inside makes this mouse one to get.

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