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posted 3/31/2004 by John Yan
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Using the MX510 at a recent LAN party, I found the mouse to be very smooth. Even with my quick flicks and slight movements, the mouse kept up without any problems. Not once did I feel I was out of control and I was pretty sharp with my aim. The question is is it better than the predecessor, the MX500? It’s hard to say initially. I’ve been using the MX series of mice for a while now and part of me wants to say the MX510 feels smoother. Going from the MX500 and the MX510, there were instances where I thought the movement was smoother. It’s really hard to tell for me and my colleagues felt the same way. Buttons mapped as button 4 and 5 are not supported by all games. Unreal Tournament 2004 and Halo worked fine, but I could not get Call of Duty or Painkiller to recognize them. Even with the advanced settings game detection checked, some games still didn’t work. With those that don’t just map the buttons to a keystroke and you’re got a work around.

To really see if there is a difference, I hooked up my MX500 and MX510 to the same computer and loaded up a paint program. Since it was hard to tell with a few games I thought I’d do an easy test to see any difference. With both mice I moved back and forth in a very quick fashion and drew a few lines. The picture below will show you the results.

Can you tell which one is the MX510? I repeated this test several times and the results were always the same. The proof is in the pudding as they say and what you see is the improved optical engine at work. Logitech’s MX500 was a great gaming mouse and the above test shows the MX510 is even better.

The mouse is only available at Best Buy at this writing and because of its low supply and high demand; you might have some problems finding it. Should you upgrade if you already have a MX500? That’s a tough call, but the MX510 does offer smoother movement for games. For those searching for a new mouse it’s really a no brainer to pick up the MX510. The MX510 is a great buy as it costs the same as the MX500 and you get better gaming compatibility and performance. As a gamer, I highly recommend this mouse.

Mouseware for the MX510 gives you a more functionality but there are still some games that won't recognize the extra buttons. No problem as you can map the non-working buttons to keystrokes and use them in the game The mouse performs excellent and will make gamers happy.. if you can find it.

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