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posted 10/12/2002 by John Yan
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Games are what we are about here and games are what we’re more interested at so I took the mouse on a spin of various FPS games and real time strategy games. Medal of Honor played really well with the increased DPI giving me smooth tracking. The wheel mouse worked fine in this game as did in Quake 3. Both games showed that when the mouse worked at 100%, that the performance is second to none. I’ve been an avid user of the Microsoft mouse and experiencing the MX engine at work here just blew me away at how smooth it was. Problems came about when trying to play Unreal Tournament 2003 and Battlefield 1942, two of the most popular first person shooters currently. The wheel mouse was just inoperable in those two games so switching weapons was a hassle. Only when I turned off the Logitech software did the wheel become active. Since there’s only one other button to this mouse, turning off the Logitech software wasn’t a big deal. It is though in the other line of MX mice and I will get more into it in those reviews. Logitech tech support has told me that a new version of their software will be out soon and will have improved support for games. There are a few fixes on their site but none worked for me yet. Even though their fix didn’t work on my system for the wheel mouse, I’ve had friends and read of a few people that it does work for them. It is a little hassle turning off their software suite to get it to work in games and you have to reboot for the button mappings and wheel mouse to work in normal use afterwards.

The MX line of mice isn’t cheap. In fact the MX 300, which is the most basic of the line, comes in at a hefty $39.95, $10 more than the Wheel Mouse Optical. Is the extra $10 worth the new MX technology? It’s hard to say. Yes the mouse provides some really smooth motion but it’s hard to dictate whether it’s worth the extra $10 for the improvements when there are a few other mice with very nice performance and more features at a comparable price. In the end, I’d say if you really do a lot of fine movements in your work then spring for this mouse. I do hope that they can fix the mouse issue with games for everyone in the near future.

A smooth mouse with bare features, the MX 300 gives users of both handedness good performances. It’s expensive for the amount of features it has but you get good quality in Logitech and a good warranty. Some gamers will still have problems with Logitech’s software so your mileage may vary.

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