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posted 10/12/2002 by John Yan
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When Logitech sent me word of their new line of mice along with some nice leather gloves, my interest was peaked. They were touting their next line of mice as high performance machines. Given the track record of Logitech, I knew they had a few tricks up their sleeve. While the mouse I look at today doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of its counterpart, it does serve as a very nice mouse for both left handed and right handed people who want smooth performance and a good feel to boot.

The MX300 mouse, built on the MX technology, is a very basic mouse in terms of design. The gunmetal gray and black colors give it a very slick look. Design wise, it’s pretty close to the Wheel Mouse Optical that Logitech offers. As with most mice, two buttons and a scroll wheel are located at the top of the mouse. The small design fits pretty nicely in my hand and doesn’t feel awkward.

A new feature that Logitech has included is the Quick Switch button located just below the center of where the two mouse buttons meet. The tiny little button, when pressed, acts like when you hold the Alt-Tab buttons down in Windows. Hitting the button will bring up a menu of open applications and windows in a little box. Mousing over and pressing the button on a listing will bring that selection to the forefront for you to use. The button is rather tiny but it’s easily reachable. After a few days using the button, I must say it’s pretty convenient. I like to ability to switch between apps with just a press of a button when at work where I usually have four or more things open at once. Of course you can program the button to do other tasks but the default function works great in my opinion.

The new MX engine is supposed to provide a smoother and more accurate mouse. The 800dpi sensor does in fact give you a nice smooth scroll around the screen. I won’t go too much into the engine as I’ll leave it to my next review in the MX line but suffice to say I was very impressed with how it handled small slow movements, fast large movements, and everything in between. Using this mouse at work was a very pleasant experience having to deal with graphical images in Photoshop. I didn’t have any issues in trying to line up objects and it was very precise in its movements. The overall movement around the desktop was very smooth and trouble free.
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