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posted 10/9/2007 by John Yan
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So you've setup how you want the mouse to behave and you're taking it over to a friend's house. You have to install the software on their computer right? Not at all with the G9. A very cool feature is you don't need drivers to take advantage of profiles. The mouse has onboard memory so setups you create with the Logitech software can be saved and transported to other computers without the need to install the Logitech software for the settings to be enabled. To switch to a different profile, all you have to do is hold down the profile change button on the button of the mouse and the cycle through via the plus and minus button top. It's pretty easy to do. For those that take their mouse to LAN centers or other places, this is a great feature that will ensure you have your favorite setup wherever you go. A by product of this feature is if for some reason your computer crashes and you have to reinstall the operating system, your mouse settings are saved so you don't have to redo those again.

So with the mouse in action, I have to say playing at full 3200 DPI was pretty frustrating. I love to have my mouse to be at very high sensitivity but 3200 DPI was just too much. I think when we see bigger screens with bigger resolutions the speed will be used more efficiently but for now I don't really see anyone using such a high setting. There was little control I had over the mouse and you need to be in complete control when you are gaming. With that said though, setting the mouse sensitivity at more reasonable speeds offered up a smooth experience. I tried out a few first person shooters and some real time strategy games and was very happy with how well it performed across the board. I dialed down a bit in one of my profiles for Unreal Tournament to snipe with better precision and turn up the sensitivity when in a close quarters firefight to have quicker reaction. The two grips offered different experiences but I found the one with the wider base to be more comfortable for me. The shape may be a departure from what you're used to from Logitech but I can tell you that it works and is comfortable. Of course, the shape of the mouse can change based on the grips that Logitech releases so if you're not happy with either one you might find one that fits your hand better once Logitech produces them.

It wouldn't be good for Logitech to keep pushing the same design in a gaming mouse over and over again so while this is a radical departure from what we're used to, the system works. The grips don't make the mouse feel cheap and they mold seamlessly into the base unit. I like the repositioning of the weights and the switch to change the mouse wheel is pretty slick. I think for now 3200 DPI is overkill but you can't fault Logitech for pushing the engine as far as they could go. In time, this might be a usable speed. Logitech's implementation of onboard memory for saving of profiles and settings is a great feature. No longer are you needed to install drivers if you are taking the mouse to another computer to keep the settings you are comfortable with. The G9 combines both hardware and software improvements to produce a top of the line gaming mouse. While the price of the mouse is a little steep, the Logitech G9 has become the mouse I primarily use to game with.

Even if it doesn't look as pretty as the old ones, the mouse performances incredibly with great features in both the hardware and software department to really customize the mouse to your liking.

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