Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse


posted 10/19/2005 by Charles Husemann
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On average I got about eight to ten hours of battery time out of a charge.  The charger has two different modes a standard mode and a turbo mode.  The standard mode takes about 7 hours to recharge a battery while the turbo mode will recharge a battery in around two hours or so.  While most people probably won’t have a lot of use for the normal mode, those using the mouse on a laptop have a nice easy way to charge their mouse without draining their laptop batteries.  Logitech also did a nice job with the re-charger/receiver combo in that it only takes up one USB slot for the pair but if you are taking your rig out to a LAN party or want to use it with your laptop you can just take the receiver (which is about the size of a small USB flash drive).  The fact that they included two batteries is also a nice touch and ensures that you’re never going to be without juice for your mouse.


After using the G7 in a variety of games and applications I can honestly say that I did not experience any lag or jumpiness during game play.  It was all smooth and accurate in everything from FPS games like Battlefield 2 and Half-Life 2 to RPG’s like Dungeon Siege II and the City of Villains beta.  I even tried the mouse with a few games of Bejeweled 2 with no problems (although using a 2000 DPI mouse for Bejeweled 2 was a lot like killing a spider with a five megaton nuclear bomb). I can also note that a resolution of 2000 DPI takes a lot of getting used to.  I started with a custom resolution of 1600 DPI to start with and then worked my way up from there.  Using a mouse like a G7 will also ruin you for other mice as switching between the G7 on my gaming rig and the generic MS mouse on my work computer was like driving a four cylinder Ford Fiesta after driving an eight cylinder BMW 5 series.


With the G7, Logitech has not just thrown out a high powered gaming mouse onto the scene but rather a well thought out gaming mouse system.  I do miss some of the extra buttons but the performance of the mouse more than makes up for it. 

An excellent mouse for gamers looking to game with one less wire. Logitech has delivered a solid, well thought out product

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