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posted 1/21/2009 by John Yan
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We’ve seen products like this before from companies such as eZBoard and Saitek. Some enjoy the style while others prefer a full keyboard. Logitech though has their take on a gaming specific keypad with their G13 Advanced Gameboard and it offers some unique features as well as being an interesting product that might not appeal to all gamers but does have a lot of features built in.

The G13 Advanced Gameboard can be described as a keypad for gamers. It’s designed for left handed operation and plugs into your computer via a spare USB port. The unique shape lets you rest your left hand on a firm but comfortable palm rest while your fingers and thumb fall onto the keys and thumbstick. The main part of the Gameboard features twenty-two programmable keys at your fingertips. Going to the thumbstick area, the analog thumbstick is surrounded by two more programmable buttons. You can also setup five different profiles as well giving you even more programming options for each button.

You can use the nice software to program the G13 and it does a great job at giving you an easy to read display on programming the keys. The software shows a layout of the G13 and highlights the buttons you are programming so you can easily tell which one’s being setup. The software also has a nice tutorial to help you with the basics on getting started. Like the G15 keyboard, you can setup profiles so certain functions are programmed for certain games. The Macro Recording utility is also a great tool allowing you to not only setup key strokes in a certain order but to also add delay to them as well. If you’ve used Logitech’s programming software before, you’ll be comfortable with the G13’s and know that it’s a pretty nicely designed set of tools to get your product working the way you want it to.

Once of the great things about the G13 is that you can also do programming on the fly. The G13 Advanced Gameboard features a macro recording key which will let you assign certain keystrokes to a key during a game. Pressing it will put it in program mode so if you forgot to record one or would like to change it to something else without having to go into the software it’s easily done with the hardware. I’ve always liked this feature and I’m very happy to see it make its way onto the G13.
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