Logitech Freedom 2.4 Cordless


posted 7/30/2003 by John Yan
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After having great experience with Logitech’s Cordless Duo MX for gaming, I thought I would complete my wireless gaming PC setup with a flight stick. Well going back to Logitech, I decided to try out their Freedom 2.4 Cordless stick. To have a completely harmonious wireless setup for gaming would just be killer.

The funky looking Freedom 2.4 Cordless is designed to offer lagless gaming over wireless connection. The stick comes with a USB receiver and software. The receiver plugs into an available USB port and has a connect button. Other than the basics there’s nothing else that comes with the stick.

Ten buttons are available for you to program and use. Four are located at the top of the stick in a two by two configuration on either side of the hat switch. Four more buttons are on the left side of the base in various sizes and shapes. The different button shapes help a little bit in determining which button your finger is on. There’s a thumb button on the thumb groove of the stick and finally, the trigger rounds out the list of buttons. Most of the buttons offer good feedback when pressed. I would’ve preferred a little strong spring on the trigger and maybe thumb button but that’s just me.

Like most sticks nowadays, there’s a thumb throttle on this one at the base area closest to you. The throttle’s motion is smooth and offers good resistance in both directions. I was happy with the way it felt and it offered good control in both small and large movements. On top sits the hat switch for functions like padlock view or whatever you decide. I did find that buttons five and six on the top sit pretty closely to the hat and the hat will easily hinder your ability to push them without nudging the hat.

The stick features a platform to rest the ball of your hand on. It makes for a comfortable hold and the molding of the handle offers a good grip. Handle twist is also a feature of the Freedom 2.4 Cordless and will make games like Mechwarrior 4 a lot easier to control. The spring that centers the stick gives good resistance and feels very smooth. It quickly centers the stick with authority yet is soft enough to not be too hard to move.
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