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posted 11/2/2010 by John Yan
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The Logitech F540 is pretty familiar in terms of design to me. This is the third headset that Logitech’s produced that they’ve used the same design.For the F540, the set is designed for use with consoles giving you a wireless solution for audio and voice chat.

Included in the F540 is a base station that handles all the inputs and transmits the audio.On the back, you can see that it has inputs for two RCA audio connectors and one 3.5mm input allowing the F540 to handle up to three sources. There’s also a USB input on the back for the audio from a PlayStation 3 console.

On the front of the base station, there are three LEDs that let you know which sources are active. As you cycle through the sources, each one of the three LEDs lights up letting you which one you are currently listening to.

The headset design follows the same physical setup as the Logitech G930. The oversized ear cups fit around and enclose the ear masking out any outside sounds when in use. The both rotate and can lay flat on the table if need be. Each ear piece features a good amount of padding to make wearing the F540 as comfortable as possible. The headband also features the same generous amount of padding so wherever the F540 touches the head, it’s supported by some padding. Both sides can be adjusted in length to fit your head.

A rotating arm for the mic that’s flexible sits on the left ear piece. Like the previous Logitech headsets of similar design, rotating up will mute the mic and it’s a nice and easy way to get it out of the way when not in use.

Since the headset is wireless, Logitech has included a micro-USB cable that plugs in the left ear piece and into the base station for recharging. I’m glad to see Logitech moving more and more of their recharging connections to micro-USB as its a more robust connection than mini-USB and I’m seeing a lot of my other products having the same type of connector allowing me to plug a few other items into the base station with the same cable to recharge when not using it to recharge the headset.

While the previous two headsets of similar designs from Logitech supported surround sound, the F540 is only stereo. Now, I’m not really that disappointed by this as I felt the surround sound in the other Logitech headsets offered little improvement when turned on. I know some people will be disappointed though seeing as this is a pretty expensive headset and having digital inputs on the base station would’ve been kind of cool. Still, stereo works for me for a headset and I don’t feel having a lack of surround sound to be a detriment to the F540.

On the left ear piece, the controls are stationed allowing for easy access. There are two volume dials: one to control the game volume and one to control the voice volume. A button lets you quickly mute and un-mute the mic. On the back is the power button and the source selector. Pressing the power button causes it to light up green letting you know power’s available. While the power button is a little recessed, the input selector button protrudes a little bit making it very easy to access when you have the headphones on. This way, you can easily feel the button and not accidentally hit the power button, which is a nice design decision..

You should be able to get about 10 hours worth of gameplay from one charge and in my testing, it did last around that time. Also, the range seems really good as I walked around the house and the sound kept on coming through the speakers even I was went both above and below my setup in my house. So, as far as performance goes in the wireless area, the F540 performed really well.

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