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posted 6/25/2003 by John Yan
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Ever since the release of the MX 700 mouse from Logitech, gamers now have a cordless mouse that will keep up with the latest fast paced first person shooters and real time strategy games. No longer are we confined to the cord of the mouse to get top-notch performance. Well if you have a cordless keyboard you’d have a completely wireless setup to play. Logitech decided to combine two of their best products and what they have is the best cordless gaming setup around in the Cordless Elite Duo MX.

The Cordless Elite Duo MX combines a top-notch cordless keyboard and the best cordless mouse found today. The keyboard has a multitude of multimedia functions and the mouse contains rechargeable batteries. Seeing as the products are a combination of the two, here are excerpts from the two reviews of the original products.


The keyboard’s slim profile, known as the Zero Degree Tilt, gives you a comfortable reach to the keys. Shape-wise, the keyboard’s layout is the same as a regular keyboard. I’m more partial to the ergonomic design though so I’m hoping that Logitech does release the same setup with that type of keyboard. Looking at the keyboard, you can see a whole mess of buttons and dials included with the regular setup. I’ll go clockwise from the left and touch some of the keys in this review. On the left side, you see two buttons and a dial that’s the same as a mouse wheel. Of course, the dial functions the same as a mouse wheel in web pages and more. You can do such things as adjust the volume, scroll through your favorites, and zoom in and out. One of the side buttons opens up an input box to enter a URL to surf to. The other side button allows you to go back a web page. With the two buttons and a scroll, you can do some casual browsing if you don’t need to click on links. I like the look of the keyboard with the mostly black and silver look giving it a slick appearance. Rather than the bland white or eggshell keyboards that are abundant with computers, Logitech has given the keyboard a nice color scheme.

The keyboard is powered by two AA batteries and offers a plethora of functions at your fingertips. I do like the tactile feedback from the keyboard. It’s silent and gives you a good response when pressed.
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